Chanel outlet

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  1. i live near the Chanel outlet in Woodbury Commons. Just thought people might like to know that they currently have the largest selection of bags I've ever seen, and they are 25% and 40% off the outlet price. Just don't expect to ever find a classic flap there. If you are a serious Chanel lover this is a great chance to get an unusual bag at a great price. (No, I don't work there.)
  2. Thank you for the update. :sad:They don't do charge sends.:crybaby:
  3. ^ it would be priceless if we had one here in California:cloud9:
  4. I used to live near that outlet and they hardly had any bags. It figures when I don't live anywhere near the Chanel outlet they have a huge selection.:lol:
  5. yea anytime I have gone to woodbury the chanel outlet had nothing there.. I guess the economic times have a silver
  6. do you know what bags they have?
  7. adrienne99, do you know if they do any int'l shipping? or can u give us a SA contact there....oh pls help us find out more....
  8. ^^They don't ship anything out from the outlet...unfortunately.:sad:
  9. ok thanks many anyway :crybaby:
  10. You have to make purchases there in person and you can only buy two bags max. Love that place!

    I wonder what bags it has? :drool:
  11. i bought a beige LAX flap. They also had several bowlers from the fall of 06 and a logo bowler. there were some puffy quilted ones without the flap. They also have some very large and heavy carry on bags.
  12. I'll take a trip when I visit NY in a PNY wallet there last year for $300.
  13. The next time I visit NYC I am going to take the bus to Woodbury Commons. I have to see this place! I wish they had an outpost here in Southern CA.
  14. im dying to go to this place!
  15. I went back and bought the bowler in beige today. They sold quite a few bags in the last week, but got in some new ones too.