Chanel Outlet

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  1. Hello!

    Any of you ladies have gone to any Chanel Outlet Stores? Particularly the one in Woodbury Commons? What do they have in there? Do they have a lot in inventory?
  2. not too many, they have some great clothes, but the handbag, are not
  3. There's outlets??? Oh my..
  4. I wish we had one here, I've heard the Woodbury commons one is decent.
  5. I happenned to call yesterday 845-928-1550 because I am looking for an older style, and the SA said they don't have many bags in now. She didn't tell me what's there, but it didn't sound to promising. If there's something specific, I would call ahead.
  6. I have purchased several bags at the Woodbury Commons Chanel, you just have to call ahead and see what they have...they won't hold bags for you, but if you are looking for something particular, even just a color, they will tell you what is there so you will not make an unnecessary trip. I was there three weeks ago, and the SA mentioned that they were to get a shipment in March. Good Luck! I have had success there...:yahoo:
  7. Would i be able to order via the phone at all? since i live in the middle of NOWHERE !
  8. pinkpiano: they do not take phone orders :sad:
  9. Hello,

    I have been about a month ago. They do not have a lot of stock there. I will be going on Mar 4th. I will take note of what they have there and post it.
  10. wow! sounds great!
  11. awesome, thanks Sic! when I went a couple of weeks ago, they didnt have much...
  12. wow chanel outlet, any in CAL?
  13. They are thinking of opening one down near Palm Springs (Cabazon). However, none in CA yet. I've been to the Woodbury NY one, but not recently. When they do have bags or wallets, they mark the Chanel logo inside the bag with marker. I really hate that. I wish they would do something more subtle. Gucci outlet is more subtle in that they put a teeny hole punch in the label. A black marker line across the Chanel on the inside just kills it for me.
  14. That's a great outlet center. They have a Gucci store, a Tod's...I've seen Chanel bags and outfits at the Last Call (I think it's Neiman's or Saks) store there. It's a huge place and during the week is the best time to go.