chanel outlet won't do charge send?!

  1. hi all, i just found a chanel top i've been dying to find - it's at the woodbury chanel outlet, but they won't do a charge-send! what utter madness! i live an hour away in nyc (no car), so i'm thinking of taking the bus there this weekend... is that insane? eek!
  2. Yea, it is crazy, but its their policy. No refunds either....
  3. Can they put it aside for you to pick up? I would hate for you to make the trip and then it isn't there.

    No, it is not crazy if you really want the top. Besides, you can always hit some other stores while you are there!
  4. If it's a great deal it'll be worth the bus ride. I'm assuming you're talking about Woodbury Commons. They do have a no charge-send policy. :nogood:
  5. That's not insane. I've also thought about that. I believe you can get there by train as well. Maybe you'll pick up some other nice things in addition to the top. I used to get Ferragamo flats at $30 per pair there. (Too bad I wasn't into Chanel then to check out how it is.)
  6. yeah the bus is $30. i guess i'll go b/c ive been calling nm last call and they dont seem to have it. i'll have to call in the morning to make sure it's still there.
  7. If you don't mind me asking, what bag is it?
  8. Wait... they have a Chanel outlet? I feel so silly... I lived in NYC for two years and never knew of this lol... do tell!! :tup:
  9. they're strict over there, one time I called them and they wouldn't tell me the price of an item over the phone.
  10. Oops. I'm an idiot. I can't read. lol.

    OP said she wanted a top not a bag. Disregard my last post please, as well as the one asking if it was Woodbury Commons lol.
  11. Make sure it's put aside for you!!
  12. thanks for all of the support on this one! i'm going to see if i can borrow my friend's car first. otherwise, i'll have to wait around for a bus. bisousx, yes this is the only chanel outlet (more knowledgable ptf'ers correct me if i'm wrong!), and i guess they're super-strict about their policies.
  13. ptf'ers, haha! boy am i dyslexic (or just getting progressively dopier as i get older).. i meant tpf'ers!
  14. I've heard of that policy. I think it's a rather odd one but whatever. I'd take the bus too.
  15. It's worth the bus ride IMO...I love Woodbury!!!