Chanel Outlet stores in Europe?

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  1. Hi - wondering if anyone can help?

    I am thinking about taking my mum somewhere in Europe (as she hasnt been on a plane for a long time and is now starting to think that if she doesnt go on one again soonish, she will be too scared to fly) I thought it would be nice to go somewhere not so far from the UK.

    Does anyone know if there are any chanel outlet shops in Europe - particularly thinking France or Italy? If yes, could you provide addresses, and perhaps contact numbers? I just tried a google search but couldnt find anything.

    And just double checking, does anyone know if there are any chanel outlets in the UK? I am sure I would know about them if there was ..... but you never know, maybe someone can enlighten me?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. hi there ! I think there might be one close to the Hague,NL. I just think I'm not at all sure though there was some talk on this but that was about a year back.Maybe the Gals from NL can be of help!
    As far a Italy is concerned there are good outlets esp of Gucci outside Florence and more I guess in the north but don't know exactly where !I hope it's of some help at least!
  3. There is one outlet called Foxtown. It is in Mendrisio, the border town between italy and switzerland (around 30 mins from Milan by train). I went there last summer and There were many brands there eg. Gucci, Valentino, YSL, and so on, but no chanel.. I am not sure about now.
  4. I don't think the French independent brands are part of the outlets in Italy.
  5. Outlet The Haque, the Netherlands

    Hoogstraat 36
    Den Haag
    Phone: 070 346 89 24
  6. I was at Foxtown in November and there is no Chanel outlet. :sad:
  7. I've only heard of Chanel outlets in the US there's nothing in the UK it's rubbish.

    There are quite a lot of outlets of other designers (dior, versace, ralph lauren etc) though the two main ones in the UK are Ashford and Bicester.

    There's some outlets near Paris but not chanel I don't think.
  8. How good are the prices at the U.S. outlet(s)? Where are they?
  9. or where would be the cheapest place to buy chanels in europe? i've heard heathrow, but i don't know if my layover is long enough for me to venture to T3 from T5.

    tia! :smile:
  10. Apparently Heathrow T3 is cheapest yeah. There's a thread by a member who went from T5 to T3 to Chanel, do a search once you know your flight details.

    Only outlet I know of is Woodbury Common, US.
  11. With the pound at its all time low, Heathrow Chanel is probably as good as an outlet with the additional benefit of all the items being the current ones too! LOL!

    No, I am not aware of any Chanel outlet in Europe.
  12. hi all a year has past since this thread was started. was wondering if any chanel outlet has opened in Milan?
  13. there arent any in europe only usa
  14. has anyone been to the chanel outlet in The Hague? How s the service? Does the price really differ from the original stores?
  15. A little off subject but I went to the Chanel Outlet at Woodbury Commons (NY) and wasn't impressed. It wasn't really cheap but had an okay selection of past season items. I'm sure it's hit or miss though since it is an outlet after all.