Chanel Outlet Info

  1. can any of you please give me the info of the chanel outlet in nj??

  2. I was just there today.....what do you want to know?:p

    It's up route 17 in NJ to the throughway to exit 16, Harriman in NY (up in the freaking mountains, LOL)

    The Chanel store there is very hit or miss (today I hit :yahoo:...pix tomorrow). They carry some clothes, shoes, bags and costume jewlery....never a huge selection of anything. All the stores there are outdoors (not like an enclosed mall) so if the weather is bad, you're in it.

    When are you going there????
  3. ^ Dawn! TOMORROW?!?!?! I hate anticipation!!!
  4. what! a chanel outlet store? Please do tell more information. Any of them in LA?
  5. There is only one Chanel Outlet in the US. It is located in Harriman, NY at the Woodbury Commons Premium Outlet (LOCATED 55 MINUTES NORTH OF NYC).

    Here is the phone number for the Chanel outlet, in case any of you want to call and see what they have on sale! :nogood:

    Chanel (845) 928-1550

    Hope this helps!
  6. Huh? a chanel outlet in NY?? wish they had one in Asia.
  7. Brian - like Lamb said, it's hit or miss. I was lucky last time I went (about 3 weeks ago) so good luck!

    Lamb - I can't wait to see what you got! You always buy the greatest things. :yes:
  8. Thanks girls!!!!! Jen - it was so late and I was so tired, so I figured I'd post pix today, LOL!!!!

    Anyway, all I got were sandals....but dang they are cute (and comfy too):



    And here it is on my foot....I need a pedi, so please excuse it, LOL:


    These shoes sold originally for $495, then marked down to $200, then on sale at the outlet for $150.......they were the last one's and I was just lucky that they were in my size. I think there from 06.
  9. Congrats!! I was there on Saturday and I actually almost tried those one. They are so cute!
  11. Seriously?? I thought Chanel Outlet was an oxymoron!!

    New York's not that far...
  12. Awww!! The sandals are soo cute!!!
  13. Does anyone know when they get new stock and when it is the best time to go there?
  14. oooh! Cute!
  15. They get in new stock periodically, so if you phone and ask if they have what you are looking for, the SA's are very nice and will let you know. I was there Memorial Day weekend, and it was a zoo. I usually go every 2-3 weeks and weekdays are certainly better to visit than weekend. As mentioned, it is hit or miss. They had very few handbags, shoes that weekend, but a lot of clothes. They had some earrings, belts, and other jewelry too. Before making the trip, I would phone. :yes: