Chanel Ostrich in Large or Fendy Spy Phython or Kelly 32 Hermes

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  1. Okay. I am still confused. I got a list wanted bag that I would like to purchase asap but I am still confused. Maybe you guys can give me a little help here.

    Of course I wanted a Birkin 35 but so far I haven't had time to call other Hermes boutique beside Hermes Houston which whenever I call them NO Birkin available.:lol: But what do you expect? Unless you are super lucky of course!

    So I am not a patience person and there are other bags that also coming into my consideration if I can't wait for the Birkin. Of course this bag has to be equal or very close in quality and beauty and everything else that has to count.

    I fall in love with Ostrich Chanel (light beige) in large size! OMG! :love: :love: :love: Believe me I have hard time to leave the store without it but it was on hold for me. The price is about $7,600 I think.

    Then there is another bag that I wanted which is the Phython Spy! That bag is gorgeous and so light weight and I love that bag and the color is gorgeous (blue, green, choco, beige combination). I wish I have pics to show you but I can't find anywhere. I saw it in NM and also Fendy Boutique. The price of this bag is around $5,000.

    And then finally the Kelly bag that is still available in Hermes store in black and gold color. The price around $6,000 to $7,000 I think. I am not the exact prices.

    Helpppp! I don't want to spend alot of money for something I don't love til I die! I think I can love the ostrich chanel in classic style and also the Fendy phyton for a long time as long as the will hold the time.

    Which one do you think I should get??? Help!:wacko:

    I am also going to post this thread on the handbags & purses forum so I can hear other opinions.

    I need your opinion guys so help me.

    Here the Chanel Pic I copied from someone's thread on Chanel forum.

    View attachment 10262
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  2. Sweetea, I know you want that Birkin, so I think you should wait for it. Patience will pay off! :amuse:

    Unless of course, you can buy one of the other bags you're considering now, and can afford the Birkin in a few months. In that case, go with the Chanel - it's gorgeous and a classic! :love:

    But, if it's only one bag that you can buy, wait for the Birkin. I'm sure it will be worth it!
  3. Hi Sweetea, can anyone give their opinion? :biggrin:

    I know virtually nothing about designer bags but that awesome Salvatore Ferragamo bag starring in the movie "Failure to Launch" (please check out the thread below) beats a Birkin anytime :biggrin:
  4. oops, Sweetea has this thread in 2 different's a pic of the phython Spy if you need help making a decision! (From the fendi spy thread on thefashionspot by Spycrazy)

  5. My other same thread on Chanel Forum is closed! LOL. But that' ok. I guess I am a little greedy :shame: .

    Diana, I don't see the pics on the phython spy:weird: . One thing about the phython beautiful phython's so delicate that you are not be able to wear it too much. I think Ostrich leather is durable and you can wear them alot without worrying you are going to wear them off LOL. :lol:
  6. Passerby, which Sf bag is it? I am curious. Is that the yellow ostrich. If it is I have that bag. I got that bag maybe a month ago!

    I got to check out that movie just because I wanted to see the SF bag :lol: .

    Love when you said "beats a Birkin anytime" :lol: .
  7. Sweetea, you've the ostrich SF - *bows down in worship *

    Great choice!
  8. That's it! Cristina you know it!! I want the Birkin but when can I get it??? I saw someone with the orange Birkin while I was at the Galleria and oooo I wanted to say something to the lady who was just walking and passed me by but I didn't say anything. That Birkin is beautiful!

    About the Chanel Ostrich the SA told me that Chanel only makes a few and this is the first time that actually Chanel made bags our of Ostrich leather. Could this be a limited or they won't produce anymore as this ostrich bags might be consider as collector item? Who knows but the color is sooo gorgeous and you can wear it soo much with anything. You def can dress up and down with that bag!
  9. Thanks passerby!

    Yes, I do and I LOVE that yellow ostrich bag. I got so many compliments whenever I wear her. :biggrin:
  10. Oh Sweatea - this is a tough decision. It seems you like the Chanel better than the Fendi because of it's wearability and durability. I've seen the python spy. You're right, it's light, soft and OHHHH so fabulous! If I had the $5k I would have gotten her on the spot. But, because of the timelessness of the Chanel, I'd choose that.

    The Kelly's have been there for awhile (since you last posted about them), and if you haven't gotten them by now, they are not your "love". That's my opinion.:P

    But, if it was me....and I had the money - I'd get a Kelly.:love:

    What about your new BMW? Can you still get that too?;)
  11. You are totally right about the Kelly, it wasn't "love" that the reason why I still haven't got her.

    Do you think that chanel worth $7,600 or $8,000 plus after tax? Gosh that's a lot of money just for a bag!

    About the BMW, Yes! but it wasn't as urgent so I guess that's just a matter of time. I haven't really gone to the dealership to check the car yet with my hubby. We have been so super busy with these past few weekends. I guess once I am there to see the car, that would be it. Hopefully that's the case.:biggrin:

    BTW my husband didn't know about the price of this chanel. He probably think the price about 2K or somewhere around that price. I am sure he will say NO BAG for BMW if I tell him that. :lol:
  12.'s this?

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  13. Tough decision, Sweetea, but I'd get the Kelly if you can't wait any longer for the Birkin. The Chanel would be my second choice. I, personally, would not invest that kind of money on a Spy.
  14. The Chanel! The Spy is gorgeous, but I think that I would get tired of the colors quickly. Besides, the Chanel is a classic, whereas the spy is trendy, and, as with all trendy bags, one day it will be seriously OUT.
  15. I agree! Now I have to sweet talking my husband so he will bless me the chanel purchase. But if I tell him how much the price is I am sure he thinks I am crazy to purchase that bag. :nuts: I think he will take it for 5K but 8K? I am a little worry he will say no!

    Any suggesion ladies?? :lol: