Chanel Ostrich bags

  1. Does anyone on this forum own one of the Chanel ostrich bags? I saw them in Las Vegas and they were actually beautiful. The leather was very smooth unlike so many ostrich bags I tend to see these days. There is a pink one and a white one and there are matching wallets. Retail is around $8,000.
  2. I havent seen any bags, but I saw a white ostrich wallet yesterday. It was gorgeous, but I knew she was going to tell me it was some astronomical number so I left it there. I don't need another wallet, I barely use the ones I have now!:biggrin:
  3. i hear you on that wallet thing. When I saw the ostrich bags they were at the Neiman Marcus in Vegas and at the Chanel store at the Wynn Hotel. The saleslady at Neiman Marcus said that there were only a few ostrich bags made, but I figured that maybe some of the members here in the larger cities may have seen them. And the wallets, if I remember correctly were about $2370. The croc wallets I saw were about $3370. They were gorgeous though.
  4. pink ostrich.
  5. I don't own one but I saw a beautiful one @ Neimans on my last visit.
  6. GORGOUS !!