Chanel Orlando

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  1. I went by today and here's what they have:

    3- Modern Chains totes- black,Brown,White
    1-Purple/Violet LAdy Braid bag
    3- Outdoor Hobo-black,brown, ( I think blue)
    2- Cloudy bundle totes-black
    3-Outdoor totes-brown,black
    6-Rock bags-black,beige,brown
    Lux ligne-red flap & bowler,bronze tote,black bowler& flap
    1-black pony/flap very cute

    This all I can remember! Of course several classic flaps and totes.
  2. Oooh a red Luxe!?:drool:
  3. Just an FYI, since I saw this thread at the top of the subforum - if anyone goes to Chanel in Orlando to buy, or orders something via phone, deal with June! She is a wonderful and very knowledgeable SA. She worked with me on two Chanel purchases (caviar tote and sunglasses) earlier this year, and was super helpful :nuts: :heart:
  4. Is it the coral color? Or is it red?
  5. Sophia, I think it is the red - dark bordeaux color. And it might be the deerskin which is TDF! You might want to call and check because I know Chanel did the fall deerskin in a red color.
  6. [​IMG]

    This is Chloe_Concord pix but it is this color red. I bought a Jumbo Grey Classic I'll post pics in the morning. It's so pretty. My SA's name is Cassandra and she is goes over and beyond.
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