Chanel Orlando not responding to my emails about J12 repair

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  1. Six weeks ago I shipped a very expensive J12 to Chanel Orlando to be forwarded to Chanel's US repair facility. I used Chanel Orlando as it was the nearest free standing store to my location. Chanel customer service gave me the name and email address of the jewellery service person there. She responded to my emails, kept me updated, and called me with a quote once my watch arrived at the repair facility. She quoted me 2 weeks for the repair. That was 5 weeks ago.

    I realize she has no control over the speed of work at the repair facility, and I mentioned that when I emailed her last week for an update. I received no response. So I waited another week, assuming maybe she's off work, whatever. I emailed again this week, simply asking if she had any news on my watch and if 5-6 weeks was normal. Still no response. Again, I realize she has no control over repair times, but I'm VERY disappointed that I can't get a simple, polite response. I can't get away with ignoring emails at my job, I would think Chanel would frown upon this as well. :/

    It this typical? My next step is a phone call. Her emails all ended with "Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns."
  2. I've had my j12 sent in. It took about 2 months so I think u should give it some time. But I agree they should at least respond to you! I just had my watch serviced on rush (because I was moving out of state) and they got it to me within 3 weeks.

    Definitely call them . Good luck!
  3. Thanks! I wouldn't mind waiting 2 months if I had been quoted that long. For some reason she said 2 weeks, which I felt was overly optimistic! I'm having a full service, polish and crystal replacement.
  4. Mine took about 1 month and a half!
  5. Try calling them. Maybe your emails went to spam without their knowledge? Possible, but not probable. Worth finding out -- or at least use that as the reason as to why you're calling them :smile:
  6. Ughhh I hate it when businesses don't reply to their customers!!! I really hate it and I am so sorry you are experiencing this.

    Definitely call them. I assume their phone calls are recorded and express your frustration with the lack of replies (apart from inquiring about your watch).

    I would also email the head office (or something) and tell them how you have been neglected!

    Whatever happened to those generic automated "we have received your mail and will get back to you shortly" type of things (which are not even great but better than radio silence)?!? SMH.

    You have been so patient!!

    I just overhauled my Rolex president and it took 3 weeks. I didn't realize Chanel took longer. :sad:
  7. I thought about that, too. But I was replying to a thread that were several emails back and forth from 5 weeks ago. They didn't get lost back then. They were sent directly to the service person. I suppose she might not work there anymore.

    I'll give them a call next week. In the meantime I might copy that email to the store manager. ;)
  8. I have had aggregious customer service at the Orlando boutique. After spending $20k, I showed them a pair of defective shoes (never worn) and they refused to replace. They sent out for repair and lost them. It took 3 months to find them. Good luck.
  9. Part of the mystery is solved. The person in charge of jewelry that I have been emailing is no longer there! Someone from Orlando tried to call me but I missed the call. When I called back they informed me that the person I had been dealing with was gone. I had to leave a message with the manager about my watch.

    Edited to say, my watch is on it's way back to me! I swear, they read this board! It's 5 weeks today, exactly.
  10. OP I'm glad you finally have an update.
  11. I'm so glad that you have a response. It's very worrisome when you don't know what's going on. I still feel that they dropped the ball, but happy for you that it's working out. Have a great weekend.