Chanel order from NM

  1. Hi,everyone

    I did order Chanel twice form NM,frist time was Chanel timeless clutch in Black,when I recived it,there was a tissue with lipstick inside the bag and no Chanel box only with dust bag, I called customer service they cannot not find me another one so they gave me 13% off no tax.
    Second time it was a PST in pink (on sale),when I recived it,there was no Chanel dust bag only with NM dust bag but came with a Chanel box and no receipt,I called NM store,they told me because it was on sale so no Chanel dust bag and they will try to look for one in the store and receipt will send me later, so wordering is that happen toanyone before.thank you!
  2. My Saks last year on a couple of ocassions sold me chanels with another brand dustbag......I went back and complaint., the got me the dustbags but the SA's were all upset because the said they had not received enough dustbags and a lot of their customers were upset., I went and ask the Chanel Manager and she confirmed that a couple of times not enough dustbags came and the SA's had to wait for a dustbag shipment to give their clients....don't know if this is 100% true, but I tend to believe it.:heart:H
  3. Weird. I've only ordered one thing from Chanel through Neiman Marcus, and it was bought online via catalog quick order. Since it was only a wallet on chain and not an actual "bag", I didn't get a dustbag (although I was told by other owners of the same WOC that it doesn't come with one). It came with a Chanel box and was very nicely packaged. I guess it varies on who packs your shipment?
  4. NM sound very bad.
  5. i think you have to lodge a complaint to the SA who served you and let him/her know how disappointed you're with their services. also make it clear to them that you want the dust bag and this should not happen even for a sale item. all chanel bags come with their designated dust bags so there's no reason why they shouldn't give it to you, sale or not. i never had problems with NM except their shipping department because they took out the box for my cabas and did not include it in my shipment, so they had to ship it back to me again.
  6. I have ordered only one bag (I think) from NM, it was a brown caviar flap. It came with the dust bag, but the auth card did not match the numbers in the bag, the price tag had no price on it, and I think there was something else too. I was so pi$$ed, I returned it and made them refund my shipping. Since then I only ordered through my SA at my local NM which did not carry Chanel at that time, and all was fine when he handled it.
  7. I got my first, and only so far, Chanel from NM. They sent it in the dustbag with a box. Every thing was included and fine.