Chanel or what next?

  1. We want to know if you were to obssess about other brands aside from Chanel what would it be? And it has to have the same or comparable level of your love for Chanel...
  2. my current obssession is Chanel, Chanel, Chanel!:love::upsidedown:

    I do love other brands like LV, Gucci, Fendi. But Chanel is my passion:love:
  3. We? What do you mean by we?
  4. I still love Chanel but I feel I have enough Chanel bags right now and nothing new has been calling my name so I have been currently obsessing with Hermes bags. Mostly the Kelly styles. :heart: I have a new red one on the way.:whistle:

    Im still hanging on to my Chanel bags though!

  5. "we" as our fellow Chanel lovers...

    I am obssessing with Chanel right now... until forever...but maybe in a 5 years Hermes will be in my hear also sharing it with Chanel...
  6. Lv!!!!!
  7. I don't know.. I've gotten rid of all my other bags except for my red LV soufflot... nothing else compares at the moment
  8. I still have a few non-chanel bags such as LVs, Goyards, Balenciagas. Hermes might be next. :love:
  9. ^^^ LOL, Nat... :police: "keeping the streets of tPF safe for us all." :police:

    and hmm... do I dare to admit in the Chanel Forum that I've dabbled in LV?? -I think LV was like my "gateway drug", luring me into the world of designer goods -so it will always hold a special place in my heart...

    But nope, just lusting for Chanel @ the moment... and when I'm willing to take the $$$ plunge, Hermes LOL
  10. totally agree with LV being a "gateway drug"...I will always love it because it was my first! lol!
  11. just as i thought :girlsigh:
  12. I equally love Burberry and LV (not the monogram line though). Burberry esp. for the quality and the cute modern check styles...
  13. Chanel is basically it, though I do own and love YSL. I'm assuming that within the next few years, I'll be in to Hermes but I'm not ready to go there just yet.
  14. Ya know, I have been through Hermes and back. Hermes is a solid,utilitarian type bag....reminds me of the old Coach style (20 years ago) but much more expensive and lavishly made. I love Chanel and it is SUCH a different style. Its so much more refined and feminine in my opinion. Very different from any of the Hermes styles.
    I just saw a BEAUTIFUL Valentino bag on Saks homepage with a great big bow on the side of it. I loved it. His things are quite feminine, like Chanel.:idea::yes:
  15. :lol: Just checking :police:

    Chanel is my passion and always will be, I guess. Recently I've bought a LV agenda, but that's about it.

    No Hermès for me, because A) it's way out of my league and B) I don't get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I look at their bags :shrugs: