chanel or tiffany?

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  1. hey ,ladis,

    now, i have about 2500 budget to get a gift for myself, but can't decide,

    a chanel classic flap or a tiffany ring?

    here's the pics
    chanel.jpg Paloma's Tenderness .jpg
  2. That's a tough call! It would depend I think on what bags you already have, and what jewelry you have - there's nothing like a Tiffany ring to constantly stare at all day! Then again, we are all purse lovers here lol!!!
  3. The chanel! the ring is gorgious too, but the bag is more functional IMO... and maybe someone special can someday give you the tiffany? (I personally buy my bags myself and ask jewelry for a gift, it makes them so much more special..)
  4. I'd go for the Chanel anyday! :biggrin:
  5. Chanel bag....if you don't have it yet.
  6. The Chanel bag.
  7. Absolutely,without a doubt, the Chanel bag.
  8. Chanel bag.
  9. Tiffany ring, if you already own a Chanel flap bag. If not, I'd go with the bag.
  10. chanel definitely
  11. chanel chanel chanel and
    i guess it's more functional..
  12. Chanel bag!
  13. I'd definitely go for Chanel flap!!

    if u want to have a nice jewelry, you are so much better off getting bigger diamonds from non-tiffany retailers. Tiffany's nice and all but I personally can't justify spending five times non-branded diamonds prices.

    I went to Tiffany with the same decision in mind, within my budget of 3000GBP (almost 6000USD) i can only get 0.3 ct tiffany diamond ring!! So I guess I'll just get another chanel and diamond ring from other retailer -_-" It's just horrible!! ((sorry i'm just venting a bit here...haha))

    Also chanel would have a better resale value in case you change your mind!

    anyway good luck with your decision :smile:
  14. ITA with e_pinpin
  15. I'd have to choose the Tiffany. I'm in jewelry mode right now.....:smile: