Chanel or LV

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have been reading and watching everything on this forum. I cant believe all i have learned.
    I am looking to get a new bag for my anniversary. I am really trying to decided between a Louis Vuitton bag or a chanel? Does anyone recommend one designer over another? I am sure in time i will want both, but the wallet can only support one. I would like to have anyone expert advice!!!
    thanks again
    you are all such a big help:heart:
  2. My vote is for Chanel...I love LV as well but think Chanel is more special!
  3. i think you will get biased answers in this forum lol

    chanel all the way! sure its a little more, but its worth it...and i used to be a total lv i rarely even look at lv.
  4. Chanel!
  5. well since you are in the chanel forum!! :P
    i've never really been a vuitton girl, handbags wise.
    chanel makes me feel dainty and ladylike :girlsigh:

    that is just me
    and the people in the chanel forum will probably lean towards chanel. and if you posted on the lv forum people might lean a little towards lv. maybe.

    i think you should go browse both stores
    take a looksee
    then follow what your heart says :flowers:
  6. It depends. What kind of Louis Vuitton bag are we talking about here?

    If it's monogram or damier canvas I say Chanel all the way. You can't compare Chanel leather to Louis Vuitton canvas.

    However, if you are talking about Suhali or Vernis, or even Epi leather then that's a whole other ball of wax.
  7. I think you'll get biased answers by posting here on the Chanel forum! I actually like both - I'm not loyal to any one designer, and I think each have their strengths and weaknesses... I 'm not a huge fan of the big Chanel bags, but I love her flap bags and chain straps. On the other hand, I love the bigger LV totes in everything from the mono canvas to Epi leather. It's such a personal taste thing!
  8. Yea, I would have to say Chanel
  9. Chanel, although I agree as far as the EPI and other LV leathers are great. However, my vote is with CHANEL. For a first bag the 2.55 or the classic flap is a wonderful choice.
  10. thanks for all your help! I will send photos when I decide, i am leaning towards Chanel!!!!
  11. Chanel if it's a classic piece, like a cerf tote or a classic flap bag or a shopping tote. If it's something trendier, like the Cambon series, I'd much prefer LV.
  12. I love my Louis Vuitton bags but I`m dying to get a Chanel so I would have to lean towards Chanel. :smile:
  14. chanel....

    i love my lv stuff... but after awhile, they get a little blah. not to mention it's pretty common.

    but whenever i look at my chanel bag, (not to sound cheesy but...) it's so beautiful it just makes me smile:roflmfao: and i always feel like such a lady carrying it!
  15. Chanel...