Chanel or LV

  1. I can't decide between the new fall/winter 2006 Chanel shoulder grained calfskin flap bag in black/silver or the LV Epi leather Alma in red/silver? Help girls!!!!

    If you want to see the chanel go to
    then click USA, then Fashion, new page opens click on top where it says accessories, then Paris-new york /fall-winter 2006 the handbag is number 12
  2. Moving this to the handbag section :smile:
  3. Both bags are gorgeous... that is a toughie
  4. Oh hell, if it's me, it's the Chanel if price is not a factor. I love Chanel even more than LV but I can afford (ha) LV more than Chanel.
  5. chanel.... definately....
    i was torn between chanel and LV too. I really wanted the classic flap but at the same time, I wanted a big bag that i can beat up (non leather). decided to get the cheaper LV (speedy) so I can afford the chanel classic flap......:shame:
  6. I love Chanel. It is just always SO gorgeous!!!!!

    I am not a fan of Alma though, so that might be another reason why I'd choose Chanel over LV.
  7. Chanel for me for sure!
  8. I did something really bad, I ordered the Alma from e-lux and the chanel from the boutique at the Wynn in Vegas. I should get both of them 07-06 I just spent 3,000 no more handbags this July =(
  9. CONGRATS!!!!!!! Enjoy! Post pics when you get them!
  10. I'm gonna say Chanel!
  11. This is such a tough decision- glad you bought both! LOL! Cannot wait to see pics, they are both gorgeous bags! Congratulations!
  12. You are going to love them!
  13. Hey even better than just having one is getting them both! Congrats!!
  14. I can't wait to see pictures, and hey, you just finished your handbag shopping early in July, that's all. ;)
  15. Another vote for Chanel.