CHANEL or Louis Vuitton backpack?

  1. I can't decide on whether to pull the trigger on the CHANEL Urban Spirit backpack or the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack?

    Price aside - what do you guys think??

    I'm leaning a little more towards the CHANEL, which is why I've stuck this post in the CHANEL section!
  2. Are you planning on really using the backpack? I find LV canvas extremely carefree, so I would most likely go the LV route.

    However, I think the Chanel backpack is prettier and more appealing :smile:
  3. To be honest, backpacks aren't really my style but with the sudden craze I feel the need to add one to the collection..

    I would definitely wear it, but it definitely won't be an everyday thing!
  4. I feel like it depends on your lifestyle. If you want a completely carefree bag to take anywhere and everywhere I'd go LV. If you want something that's just for the style element and special occasions I'd go Chanel.
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  5. As other members said, LV is care-free leather. I don't have much luck with Chanel leathers.
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  6. I have both backpacks before, and I sold both. The Chanel Urban is beautiful but not that carefree and not casual enough for everyday use. The Palm Springs is carefree and good for everyday use, but I think the canvas monogram is too much for a backpack and I wanted something more I finally settle for the LV Sorbonne backpack!! Love it! Sorry I'm not helping..heehee
  7. I love chanel, but i really dislike the block-ish shape and design of the urban spirit :sad: . I love the LV palm springs, and actually want it myself! Very classic backpack shape - plus LV canvas is so durable! Definitely voting for palm springs
  8. I have the LV palm springs that it gets my vote!! I'm not really much of a backpack person so I was a little hesitant to purchase but because I have two young children and the crossbody bag option wasn't really working out for me, I decided to go for it and I'm so glad that I did!
  9. If backpacks aren't your style, perhaps wait a little while and let the craze die down. I'd hate to see you get a bag that you aren't in love with and then lose interest when the trend fades.

    I completely "get" where you are. I'm not a backpack girl either but there are so many pretty ones that it's tempting to buy. But, I decided on a hard pass. I want new bags that I can't stand not to own. Not ones that are just of the moment. Good luck on your decision.