Chanel or Givenchy??

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  1. I have a mini Chanel Chain around but I can't decide if I should sell it to fund a pink Givenchy Antigona. Please help!

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    I am the opposite of you! I am selling all my non-Chanel bags instead and replacing them with Chanel flaps!!! hahahah!!! Since I am soooo biased to Chanels I would not let go of that sweetie…
  3. I have to say that this Antigona is precious, very cute. It is more my taste than your chanel because I like my bags structured. Will you miss the Chanel one ?
  4. I will definitely miss it but I'm kind of craving something new right you think the antigona is a trendy bag?
  5. aww, haha! You're making this decision so had for me! I really love the Givenchy but I'm just scared I'm not going to love it five years down the road from now..
  6. If you think you will miss the Chanel then don't sell it to fund another bag, I think you would regret it once the 'adrenaline rush' of owning a new bag wears off.
    Keep the Chanel, but save up for the Givenchy if you still lust for it
  7. I think that Chanel is classic but Givency is trendy now. If you follow trends and sell bags often to replace them with new ones, get the givency. But if you prefer classics and want the same bag look good after 2 years, chanel beats always everything!
  8. I sold all my non chanel bag after getting ym first flap to fund more chanel's. I love chanel so I would never sell a chanel for a givenchy.

  9. Totally agree!
  10. I think it's worth it to sell your chanel for the givenchy, even tho it is a chanel, the style is kind of not trendy anymore. The Givenchy is very HOT at the moment.
  11. I think you saved me from making another regretful bag purchase haha. I bought a Celine bag but as soon as it arrived I immediately regretted buying it and wished I got a Chanel instead.Thank you!!
  12. Just to clarify, you're saying my Chanel isn't trendy anymore right? Haha. I keep going back and forth. The Givenchy is cute but I don't want to spend money on a bag that I can't use ten years down the road without it looking dated.
  13. yes, I think your chanel is dated already (sorry) But the Givenchy may be dated in 1-2 years also and especially in pink, colors like black will be more classic and less dated... If your looking for something more classic, I think a Celine luggage may be a good choice or a chanel flap.
  14. Ohh, okay. I did get a Micro two years ago but sold it right away since I wasn't really liking it too much. I think I might just add more flaps to my Chanel collection from now on. :]
  15. Chanel as a brand will never go out of style, but the chain around style, it's seasonal and yes, trendy. It's not comparable to say a classic flap or reissue. Personally I think the Antigona is more fresh looking, even though it's been around since 2010, I don't think the bag is going anywhere.

    You have to choose what works best for your style and life, don't worry about ten years from now. Even in five years you may have a change of heart, wardrobe, etc. We are constantly evolving.