Chanel or Givenchy slides??

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  1. Hey everyone! I've been going back and forth between these slides. I really don't know why I'm so drawn to them all of a sudden.. I really don't like the look of the Nike or Adidas slides but I guess once you throw a logo on them they just look more appealing?! LOL JK. I love the Chanel ones but they're a bit pricy.. Are they leather or plastic? And do you think it'll look too matchy when worn with a Chanel flap? Thanks everyone!
  2. Whoops, I meant to post this under the "Chanel" section >,<
  3. Sooo funny I had the exact same dilemma! Lol &#128515; I love the Chanel but something about the Givenchy is so chic to me so I went with them &#128515; they seem super comfy but I needed to size up so waiting for another pair to arrive! I haven't seen the Chanel slides in person but they're gorgeous & totally don't think it'll be overkill w/ ur flap - love that the chain details are tiny & different in size to flap straps - you can't go wrong w/ either! &#128515;. Let us know what you decide!!
  4. They're both so cute!! I went into Nordstrom today and they had the Givenchy slides and the white Chanel ones. Urghhhhhh! Did you purchase the leather Givenchy ones? They only had one pair (size 35) and they were a bit small. I'm normally a 6 but idk if I should order a 6 or 7?
  5. I do have the Givenchy slides - I'm not even sure if they're leather but they were in the $375 range - I'm a 39.5 in Chanel flats (us 38.5) & the 39 in Givenchy fit perfectly but my heel is on the edge & my foot doesn't fit perfectly into the footbed (ball of foot area where the ridge/bump is) so I think the 40 will be perfect - especially for summer months when my feet seem to swell sometimes &#55357;&#56832;
  6. I really like the Chanel because they don't have the big logo on them, but for the price difference you need to really love them. I also think they will be in style for a while since they are rather basic (if anything from Chanel is basic) vs trendy....
  7. I just received my Givenchy slides yesterday from Bergdorf and love them! mine were $295 so they are the all rubber - which I wanted because I plan to wear them around the city but also for beach vacation. I really like the Chanel ones, but somehow I think just the simplicity of the Givenchy ones are nicer for this style.
  8. Chanel
  9. I have the Chanel slides and they're super comfy and to me more stylish then the Givenchy slides that are nothing but a big logo......
  10. I like the Chanel ones
  11. I like the Chanel ones because they have detail and complexity. The givenchy ones just don't do anything...
  12. Chanel
  13. I do like Givenchy but in this case I like the Chanel. The Givenchy are better for guys IMO.
  14. Hi Hun! I saw these on IG but however I much prefer the chanel slides with chain details you posted. GL with your decision!
  15. I guess I'm in the minority but I like the Givenchy ones, they're sleek IMO and edgy in a simplistic way if that makes sense lol. I do think the chanel flaps and the slides would be too matchy matchy but that's just my preference. You should check out elleandemm on Instagram, she has these on in a few post. GL deciding.
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