Chanel or Dior?...Can't decide

  1. Guess I can't carry the new spring bag anyway because it is currently snowing in NYC!
    Anyways, I have been on the wait list for the Dior gaucho in white for a few weeks and they tell me it will be in within a week or two. However, I drifted into Chanel today just to have a look and I saw the classic in white leather. I :love: it! Now I am on the fence about which I should get! The gaucho or the classic? I know that I can get the chanel at any time since it is such a classic bag (hence the name) but I really like it now. I need to decide soon though because there are only 3 white classics left in the entire country!! Any suggestions?
  2. i saw the white gaucho in Hongkong and it is indeed nice! but i would anytime choose the classic Chanel over the Dior :smile:
  3. Personally speaking, I'm not a fan of the Gaucho. I would get a Chanel over that any day of the week. However, I do understand what you mean by being able to get one any time. That makes sense. I don't know if the Gaucho is going to be available for a long time.

    A classic white Chanel sounds much better to me....... ;)

    What ever you choose, I do hope you enjoy it - and oh yeah, please show pictures!
  4. i know decisions decisions...i say go for both :nuts: i can't decide on the dior boston or the chanel reporter, i mean the reporter is way expensive whereas the dior is more in my budget but i think i'll eventually get both....
  5. Chanel definitely. The Dior Gaucho looks too dirty and trendy to me.
  6. CHANEL ALL THE WAY. Gaucho will look dated eventually, the Chanel has been timeless for decades!

    Good luck!

  7. i choose Chanel. i can't appreciate and find the beauty in the Gaucho...sorry :biggrin:
  8. Which size and color are you thonking of getting it in, and which leather and hardware? Just curious.
  9. Chanel white classic for sure! I have the white cavair classic flap and love it! Timeless, and you can dress it up or down!
  10. My vote would go for Chanel :smile:
  11. Chanel for me too.
  12. It all depends on what style you're looking for. The Chanel is always a classic and will have more lasting power. The gaucho is edgy and fun ... several PSers (ie. star, fayden, sweetea) have the white gaucho and they look fabulous with it.

    I just bought a gaucho from fellow PSer jennifleur because I do like its 'rocker chick' style. If you want something that it is more classic, then choose the Chanel.
  13. chanel all the way!
  14. I say chanel but I don't find myself use my chanel often.....but I still like the chanel.
  15. I'm going minority & saying gaucho. More fun! But it all depends on your style really.