Chanel or Balenciaga?

  1. Hey Girls,

    I need help deciding on my next bag purchase..

    I either want a Black Gold Giant HW City bag..(debating about getting a regular HW since the price is going to increase in the fall) or getting a black Chanel bag with the flap (sorry, I'm new to Chanel so I don't know the names).

    Which would you get?
  2. Definitely balenciaga!! I think you can get more use out of bbags than chanel.
  3. I also think a Balenciaga would be a good choice. But I saw a woman with a pretty Chanel bag at the doctors yesterday. Oh decisions... decisions....
  4. hmmm that depends on ur need, if u carry quite a lot everyday, the balenciaga city would be a better choice! because chanel flap although in jumbo won't fit as many as the city
  5. I think it depends on your style and where you are using the bag? Also, what you will be putting in it. Are you a student or working in a conservative or casual office?
  6. I don't have a particular use for the bag...I am just itching to purchase one more before I move back home to Canada to outrageous bag prices! I will be working in an office (business casual).
  7. you should post photos, not all of us know what each bag looks like.

    I can imagine the B-Bag as they all look the same to me {sorry! :shame:} and I don't know which size flap you want. . .
    that said, I think you can get many more years out of the Chanel.
  8. Chanel !! I would love a chanel in my collection!
  9. I love them both, but I would have to vote for Balenciaga!
  10. Ah! A decision I faced myself recently! I went with a Chanel hobo. I like the look of bbags, but am not thrilled with the feel of the leather (and I know I'm in the minority with that, but for the $$$ I'd better LOVE it!). Someday I'm sure I'll end up with a bbag or two, but for now, Chanel.
  11. The city and flap are sooo very different from each other. hmm....I would get a Chanel only because I already have Balenciaga in my collection.
  12. Get the Balenciaga City with the GH. In black, it's timeless...But beware, once you get one you will want more and more!
  13. I would go for the Balenciaga with the Gold Hardware... but maybe because that is the bag I want most right now...

    Although... I prefer Balenciagas in a color other than black and chocolate... The blues are TDF and there is going to be a Bordeaux in Fall (that's the one I have my money set aside for...)!:love:
  14. I just got my first Giant Silver Hardware City bag and I love it! I vote for Balenciaga!! You can dress it up or down but the Chanel seems way more dressy to me. Good luck!!!
  15. chanel for sure!! :heart: