Chanel Optical Glasses HELP!

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  1. Hey all ! I was wondering if there are any websites that sell authentic Chanel frames? (for a lower price, maybe?) and to all those Malaysian TPF-ers, are there any optical shops that sell Chanel frames? Pleaseeeee help.. TIA!
  2. As far as I know, there are no websites that sell authentic Chanel frames. I had to do a search on to find stores authorized to sell Chanel optical.
  3. .. seriously?
  4. I stand corrected. :upsidedown:

    I have seen a lot on eBay but I don't know enough about Chanel to know which are fake and which are not.
  5. oh thanks! gettin them here in Melb cost quite a lot.. and yeah, i dont really trust ebay haha
  6. sell authentic ones. Also try I have bought from them before and prices is not too bad.
  7. I heard that there are no fake Chanel eyeglasses...that theyhaven't found replicas yet?
  8. Since there are so many chanel sunnies on ebay, there are probably some fake eyeglasses out there as well :tdown:
  9. Alrighty, well, couldn't you just ask your doctor's office for a website? Or maybe call chanel and see what websites are genuine?
  10. This is definately UNTRUE. There are lots of counterfeit Chanel sunglasses, as with other well known high end designers. My mom gets lots of people coming in asking her to "take them to the back". She's like :confused1:. What back? That's where we store our contact lenses and solutions :lol:. It got to the point that she had to tape a sign outside on the door, saying that we don't supply counterfeit items, so please do not come in and inquire about them.

    The optical frames have also been counterfeited. One unknowning customer came in with her counterfeit glasses because the nose peg fell off, so she decided to buy new frames. She was shocked at our prices for Chanel frames (usually ~$300 and up) and said that her Chanel frames only cost $80-100. We had to tell her that hers was fake. She didn't believe us, so we took out a pair of our frames from the display and told her to compare and see the differences and contact Chanel directly to check if the company she bought it from was an authorized retailer.

    Be careful girls! There's too many scammers nowadays...
  11. thanks for the info dokugaku! i figured i should buy directly from an authorized dealer ;)
  12. Anytime rainbowchick!

    If you want discounts, your best bet would be to go to your optometrist (if he also sells Chanel eyewear that is). Because he/she is your optometrist and you regularly go there, they usually give discounts. That's the policy at our place too. :tup:

    Another tip: Stores that sell eyewear who are linked to optometrists (meaning if they are also the owner) are usually more reputable and sell authentic eyewear. Since they are ODs they get checked on regularly. They would not jepardize their licence to practice to make money off selling counterfeits. Stand-alone stores however, you never know. I've actually seen a couple of these stores that sell counterfeit but advertise as authentic. It's kinda scary, but just be careful and you'll be fine. Good luck on your search babe! :heart: