Chanel Opens In Florence, Italy!!!!

  1. so i was in la bellissima firenze for thanksgiving and i happened to walk into piazza della signoria only to find...CHANEL! honestly, i am obsessed with florence, it's like my home away from home, so all it needed to be absolutely the most perfect city in the world was a chanel. and there is was! god, really one of the best moments of my life.

    anway, they looked like they were only half way finished renovating the building when i saw it - does anyone happen to know when it will actually open?
  2. That's great news! Maybe stefyp or Alice from Italy can tell you more or you could call Chanel Customer Service in Italy: 840 000 210
  3. Hi! I have to admit I don't know when it is going to open! Sorry!
    But there is a lot of people waiting like you!
    They used to have very very very FEW stores in Italy. LV has a lot more!
    But starting from last year they are a little expanding! In April 2006 a store opened in Venice, now Florence and if I'm not wrong also a new store should open in South Italy, probably in Naples or somewhere in that area.
    This is really a good thing! Even Hermes had a lot more stores than Chanel!! :yes:
    Worst thing of Italy is that we don't have places like Selfridges, Harrod's, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Saks where you can find all the brands together so you always have to move from store to store and they are not always all in the same city!!!
  4. p.s. I checked in the website and it doesn't look open yet! I will be looking for more infos and then post here! :smile:
  5. Ok, I couldn't find anything! Just a rumor about the opening in December but I don't think so, it would be too late now to open and lose all Xmas customers! So in my opinion they are going to open next year.
    I have this hint for you. This website is the online list of telephone numbers. If you write "CHANEL" on the field Cognome o nome Azienda (it means= surname or name of the company/firm) and then on Dove (=where) you write "FIRENZE", then press on the red button CERCA (=find) you don't get anything....
  6. p.s. the website is free!
  7. According to my Chanel catalog, there are Chanel boutiques in:

    Via Liberta 5

    Via Rossini 71

    Via Serlas 22

    Sestiere San Marco 1254

    Via Vicolo Mazzini 11

    Via del Babuino 98/101

    Cecilia de Fano
    Via Andrea da Bari 118

    Via Sant' Abdrea 10/A
  8. - - -

    I've heard very bad feedback about Verona's store - it's not a Chanel boutique but a store carrying some items and they say the SA are very unpolite and unfriendly!!

    There was also a Chanel corner in a store in Bologna. If someone is interested I will try to find more infos!

    Pay attention when you go not to a Chanel boutique but to a corner, the stuff they have is also few!
  9. Yes, I forgot about that one.

    Via Clavature 15

    Since I do not live in Italy, I have no experience with any of the boutiques or the Chanel corners. We only have one Chanel boutique and one Chanel corner over where I live, so I envy the amount of boutiques and corners that you have over in Italy!
  10. ^ And believe me, there is still a lot of people who doesn't have access to any Chanel boutique because they are quite all in North/Center Italy!
    People who lives in Sardinia can't buy any Chanel!! Even if there are prestigious places at the seaside for very rich people!
  11. This is great news gals and thanks for the info!:nuts: indeed a Chanel boutique was all that was missing amongst the many luxurious shops in beautiful Florence ! They should have had one there long ago IMO with all the tourists Florence gets ...
    I've visited the C/b in Milan,Rome and Venice and I must admit that one of the best shopping experience I've had so far was in the b in Venetia!Great service and stock! :tup:
    Esp an SA called Barbara was super helpful and had such a knowledge of Chanel bags!:yes:
  12. OH YEA!! Will be there again in May:yahoo:
    Glad to hear one opened in Venice since I was there as well!:woohoo:
  13. i totally agree with you, Alice!!!
  14. ugggghhh i had REALLY hoped the Florence Chanel would be open before Christmas - I'll be there starting this week, and what an excellent Christmas present that would have been!

    Grazie mille to all you gals who did so much research to enlighten us! Siete bravisssssssime!!!
  15. that's great.