Chanel Online

  1. Has anyone heard buzz, or does anyone think Chanel handbags will ever be available online by a reputable retailer? NM, Saks, BG, Nord, Bloom?

    I just don't trust bluefly.
  2. no, I doubt it. I hope not to be honest.
    Part of me would love it, but the greedy part of me likes how exclusive it is, it's not plentiful or over saturated and I like that:yes:
  3. I agree with you that it completely makes it more exclusive, but a selfish part of me hates it for those of us (me me me) who can't actually "shop" for Chanel bags. I can only go by what I see in magazines and hear from other people and then try to purchase them through endless phone calls to boutiques and stores.
  4. I'm actually glad they don't sell it online...makes it more exclusive
  5. I don't think they will..but I DO wish they had something where you can see all the style numbers/names (if any) and the current prices. That would help a lot since it's hard to describe them to SAs because a lot of the details are really vague.
    Until then, I continue to use the reference thread here :yes: