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  1. Hi everyone,
    It is just me or does anyone wish that chanel sold their products besides cosmetics online like LV and Gucci? I think it would be much easier but then again I understand that they want to remain exclusive.:angel:
  2. Oops, changing my post. LOL. I have this graduate level reading for my class and it is hindering my comprehension right now.

    I'm glad they don't sell online. It bugs the heck out of me when I buy something at LV, and they tell me it is "limited" and then I see it on eluxury for like 2 weeks afterwards. Yes it would make it more accessible to us, but it would also make Chanel more accessible to "the masses" -and while I would still love Chanel, it wouldn't be as "exclusive" -which would make it loose a bit of its appeal for me.
  3. If you look at it another way, it might reduce counterfeit Chanel sales if people had easier access to the real thing?

    Or is that just my wishful thinking?
  4. I agree that it would reduce counterfeit sales. Ultimately, I think the reason for not being online is so that they can remain exclusive (as said in the first post).
  5. I'm against it. There's something about having to actually go to the store to pick up the baby that adds the special touch (I guess you could say exclusivity). It kind of keeps Chanel purses mysterious. I think Chanel posting the collection online (only recently have then done this, correct?) is as far as they should go... otherwise some of the mystery will be lost
  6. I remember a tPFer mentioning that Net a Porter was negotiating w/ Chanel to sell some of their stock online. I wonder how this is progressing? Despite everything, I would LOVE for that to happen! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  7. Because of the prices I do believe that Chanel bags would remain exclusive even if they were sold online. I personally have to drive an hour to get to Chanel and would love to be able to purchase online. I guess it would hurt the SA's because a lot of us order from them over the phone.
  8. I love how Chanel is not sold online, But i have to drive 3 hours to my nearest Chanel boutique.
  9. i understand they want to remain exclusive- but they have started to post their collections online- so would not making them available to buy online just make them ALOT more profit and their CRAZY prices will ensure that they will remain exclusive enough. Some people may not be able to travel to the store- so it will benefit alot of potential customers
  10. I will politely disagree. I don't know anyone who would want to buy a real Chanel, but gets a fake instead. IMO, counterfeits are bought by people who don't want to/can't pay for the real thing.
  11. ^^^I totally agree :tup:
  12. I read that in Vogue a year ago. I think the article said Chanel turned them down. So sad!
  13. not me!! I'm happy that their already small/limited number of bags are exclusive and relatively hard to find. If they were to sell online they'd have to prodcue a lot more than they already do :s
    I don't agree about them being more prone to counterfeits because they're hard to find/not sold online.
    LV is sold in probably 7 times as many locations and there's as many counterfeits of them or more, same w/ Coach, very easy to find and still heavily counterfeited.
  14. i used to think it was so lame that chanel didnt sell online but now that i've been on the hunt for the next perfect chanel...the search is half the fun! i find myself browsing forums, ebay etc etc just looking at all the wonderful styles and thinking which one i would like to buy..! the more i look at these pictures, listings etc..the more i fall in love with chanel :smile: hehe i think if it was jsut online and easy to get all the styles might lose some of that appeal...girls always want what they cant get i think! ;) haha
  15. No Chanel near me unless I have to drive 16+ hours. So, that will be great if I can check out what products are available online. (Actually they are starting to do that now). Without the TPF, there's no another easy way to know what's available. Here, big thanks to all TPF fellows!:woohoo:

    Ok, I think it's no harm to list all products & prices on the website. For marketing POV, that will allow people to see what's available in the market. Plus, I would say most people look at the price tag first before buying. If one can effort to buy, s/he will call up SA or visit a store.

    Even Chanel can just sell only classics items online, but not the exclusive/limited items, like the reissues. Limited supply works perfect for keeping Chanel's exclusiveness.