Chanel online?

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  1. Hey guys,

    newbie here with (surprise, surprise) a question! I am travelling to NYC in the new year, and would love to expand my bag collection with a nice Chanel piece and possibly something from LV in the black multicolore.

    However, I'd like some idea in advance of what the Chanel boutiques are likely to have in stock while I am there. For the LV stuff, I can look at eLuxury or the Neiman Marcus site, but I can't find anywhere online that sells Chanel so I can have an idea of what's for sale, and at what prices.

    Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi and welcome! Chanel doesn't sell their bags online. You can view some of their collection on, but they're not showing much.

    You will find lots and lots of pictures and retail prices in our reference library over at the Chanel forum:
  3. Yeah, I got that impression all right, which is kind of sad for me; there isn't much access to Chanel in Ireland. Luckily for me I travel a lot, often for shopping~!

    Thanks for the link and the welcome, I will go looking there now. :biggrin: