Chanel online to Australia?

  1. Hi everyone

    I am usually a chloe/MJ girl, but have recently bought my first chanel and have (inevitably) been bitten by the chanel bug - oh god IT HURTS! :graucho:

    I was wondering if it is possible to buy chanel online? I have heard that chanel does not do online sales, but find this a bit hard to believe in this day and age!

    In particular, I am looking for a boutique that is in or will ship to Australia (preferably dealing in online, not phone, orders), as my closest one is 800kms away!

    TIA for any advice you might have!
  2. I don't think Chanel has an official online boutique.
    You could always try buying on eBay, but be careful of all the fakes. If you find anything you are interested in, post under "Authenticate this Chanel" and I'm sure the girls there will be more than happy to help. There are a couple of authentic eBay sellers - who are well-known for selling new authentic Chanel bags, and who also ship to Australia.
    Good luck! :smile:

  3. Chanel doesn't allow anyone to sell online.
    The only Chanel you can find online is on eBay or consignment shops.
    If you see any new merchandise online, it's likely counterfeit.
  4. eluxury has chanel bags. But I don't know if they are real.
  5. eluxury doesn`t carry chanel, only designers that belonging to lvmh, such as lv, dior, celine, fendi etc. and others with special contracts with lvmh
  6. elux DOES NOT carry Chanel.
  7. You are so right. I was mixing up with another site I was looking at. Sorry.