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  1. Oh- so today I was at Saks in Boston and I had to stop by chanel counter, and I am glad I did, because they had a nail polish I have been looking everywhere for (and thought it was sold out everywhere....) Cosmic violine:yahoo:
    I will post pics in the next few days, I just need time to do a quick mani
  2. So the Soho collection is out on the 7th, and the khakis on the 10th? Oy my poor poor wallet.
  3. I know, right?
    Good thing I recently started my 2nd job.

    (and im still trying to track down the naked palette)
  4. I love CV, such a nice everyday color with a great rainbow-like sparkle

    I'm about to give myself a mani with Paradoxal, I can't wait

    I'll post
    pics when I'm finished
  5. Chanel Cherry. I really :heart: this jelly!:p


    Photo013.jpg Photo022.jpg
  6. ^^Cherry is sooo yummy!!
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    The Dior polish? There's lots available on eBay!

    ETA: Oops, that's Mystic Violine!
  8. when did this come out? i have never seen cherry before.. its beautiful!
  9. I was flipping through my homework calendar in Calculus and I couldn't help but put a star by Sept 10th
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    I took some more photos of Steel and Strong today when the light was good. I took a lot more photos of Strong to show how the colour can shift with the light.

    It seems to move from a blackberry to a purple with shimmer. It's quite different in the daylight to how it appeared at night which was almost a deep reddy brown/black.

    Once it's on the nail, it looks quite flat unless you're in direct sunlight and the shimmer then picks up.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  11. Thank you, I like it very much.
    I picked it up sometime last year at the airport but I have never seen it in the stores b4.
  12. super nice and u are such a dear to take these pics and post them here for our viewing!
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    Last edited: Aug 28, 2010 has a short video interview with Peter Philips about the Soho collection. When he discusses the polishes it looks like he says "Stigma" but the audio says "Strong". Near the end when he runs through the product names and concepts he actually says Stigma. There must have been a last minute name change after the W article was printed.

    I can't wait to get these colors. Mette - thanks for posting! You're so lucky to have these already.

    babevivtan - Cherry is gorgeous! I've never seen it before. Ah, the colors I've missed out on.
  14. ooohhh thank you for the video link, onyxbear. It was a joy to watch him. He is sooo brilliant!
  15. in these photos strong appears to be the color like Paradoxal looked in promo images
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