Chanel On your nails....

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  1. Dearie, this is what I do:
    • firmly stick the tapes on,
    • tuck in the wings at the sides i.e. wrap them downwards around your fingers,
    • tap the tapes to make sure there are no gaps for polish to seep thru,
    • place brush onto tape/sticker and brush out towards the free edge of your nails,
    • wait for the polish to dry, do not be impatient, maybe 30 min or so, it is ok, can just watch tv,
    • pull the stickers towards the free edge of your nails when you remove them.
    asamiramirez has an amazing tutorial on her blog, check it out at
  2. Rose Insolent is sooooooooooo gorgeous!
  3. I just put on Cosmic Violine
  4. OH NO! I am so sorry! I think I got the last step WRONG (see part in red). Please just ignore me and view the video. Sorry!

    Thanks, A - for pointing it out to me!:p

  5. Thank you so much, babevivtan, for sharing that link! Love you, Girlie! :hugs:
  6. here are the 2 spy pics that i took, they are of the ads
    As what i can see, they put the two polishes together with the blush, so i think they are the 2 things that will be in the soho collection, but i am not sure about lip gloss etc.
    Sorry that I only got 2 and w/ a crappy iphone - the SA was not pleased with me taking pics and i got told off :p

  7. U are a dear to take pics for us! Why are u not allowed to take pics? What's the issue, it is not as if we can imitate colours? Or maybe they think we can. :sad:
  8. I have some bottle pics of Steel and Strong to share!



  9. Ooooooo nice!
  10. i don't know why actually, think i might copy their store layout? lol
    she was so very not happy, and a bit rude!

  11. Thank you, dear, for taking your time to help me out! I will try it. Maybe I never wait long enough?!
  12. nice!
    where did you find those?
  13. Thanks a bunch for sharing! :nuts:I absolutely love steel! Now the hunt begins...

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.