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    I think this would be the right place to post this =D

    I am yet to get a chanel bag so i decided treating my nails to chanel was just as good =D

    Sooo what do you guys this about the new Chanel 505 Particuliere, 503 Inattendu and 507 Tendresse? Do you think they are as good as the last limited eidtion Jade and Jade Rose (I still want both but I'm not sure if i'm willing to pay £150 for on eBay just yet =P)?

    My lovely boyfriend got me the 507 which I just put on =D =D and its so very very pretty. Just wondering what all your opinions are of them?


    Edit: Oh and the new white satin Ltd edition?
  2. have seen those colors.. they are nice and probably will go in the direction

    at some point that jade & jade rose did.. enjoy them for spring/summer

    because the fall 2010 nail/lip colors will be out before you know it..
  3. yeah, i cant get #505 and I'm not sure if it would suit my nails. the inattendu is a peachy colour and looks horrible against my skin.

    I want to try out jade and jade rose but its not being sold anymore in boutiques etc and eBay sellers are asking for far too much =)

    ooooh i cant wait for autumn/winter colours! i want something as dramatic as jade again lol
  4. Chanel polishes are pretty
  5. Out of the 3, 505 is my fave unfortunately against my skintone no go. I am sooo looking forward to the summer collection: the hot pink Riviera and the metallic silver(not shown in attachment). Here are some of the colors:
  6. i love chanel polish, I have probably over 30 of them and they are all so pretty, Their darker colors tend to wear better then their lighter ones in my opinion though.
  7. i have 505 Particuliere. at first i didn't think it'd look good on my skintone but after i put it was surprisingly really nice.
  8. I have to get my hands on all of them.
  9. I have innatendu and I love it. Such a nice and unique neutral. I get tons of compliments on it.

  10. Hold the phone! When do these come out!?!!?!? I have not seen them anywhere. :drool::drool:
  11. I have 505 and 503....and a ton of other Chanel polishes. They are my weakness. I really love 505. Its a must have IMO.

    I cant wait to pick up the new colors. love the pink!
  12. I'm wearing Particuliere today (505). I simply cannot get enough of it.

    DeeDeelovely, why do you think it doesn't suit your skin tone? I've seen your pics and I think it would look great on you.
  13. I LOVE Chanel colors - especially the summer colors - but I've found the wear to be horrible (worse than the cheapest of the cheap polishes). I own 1 bottle and it sits unused because I can't stand the way it peels off.
  14. impasto, according to my sources at Nordies April 15 looks like the date...I can't wait!!! I missed out on Splendeur(hot pink) last summer

    Aaaawww dee-dee, you think? I felt it just might be blend right into to my skintone. Make me look ashy :shame::lol:
  15. ITA. It's a great neutral color.
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