Chanel on your nails #4!

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  1. Chanel Coup de Coeur coup.jpg
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  2. Chanel Malice malice.jpg
  3. Chanel Provocation
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  4. Chanel Accessoire accessoire.jpg
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  5. Chanel May:
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  6. Hi guys,

    I'm new here. Madly in love with nail varnish (especially Chanel) so I thought I'll share my new purchase which was a souvenir from Moscow with you.
    Chanel Open Air 705 IMG-0357.JPG
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  7. Chanel - Rouge Red :smile:

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  8. What has happened to Chanel nail polish? I used to die waiting for the new colors of the season. For this fall all I see are black and white?
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  9. Yep, just black & white.. I was a little surprised as well but perhaps they will do more colors when
    they intro holiday colors..
    Unfortunately, my nails got very discolored using Chanel polish & I especially liked Rouge Pussant
    so I'm back to Nailberry & Tom Ford
  10. On the website they offered 6 Radiant colors that I have not found elsewhere. Basically a metallic version of 6 colors already available.
  11. I agree. After Peter Phillips left for Dior, Chanel has been so boring imo. There has only been a few interesting polishes, and none hyped up like The Moscow Collection, Jade, Black and Blue Satin and so on. I still buy the occasional Chanel polish, but I am much more into YSL and Dior (though mostly the Diorifics).
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  12. Agreed, I thought it was just me suffering from polish exhaustion but I see I'm not alone. I haven't purchased a new Chanel polish in ages and they were my favorite.
  13. My nails got discolored using LE VERNIS in Techno Bloom. This is the first time i encounter this kind of problem. Very disappointed.
  14. I will get the white bec. I love white nail polishes. I bought Open Air bec. I like the color and don't own a shade like that. I don't know if I love seeing it on my nails.

    For the meantime....enjoying sunshine on my nails.
    Giallo Napoli
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  15. Mine, too.
    I don't like Techno Bloom too much, it looks lovely in the bottle but the dry down is so oddly matte. Also it chips so quickly. The only reason I keep using it is the it dries insanely fast.