Chanel on your nails #4!

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  1. Pictures from Easter - Chanel Nuvola Rosa :amuse: IMG_0614a.jpg

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  2. I only wear Chanel on my nails! Just bought brun contrast and it’s gorgeous .
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  3. It is quite similar to Sunrise Trip - but no staining yay!!! I also had staining issues.
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  4. I went for all 3 of the latest beauties:
    IMG_1779 (1).jpg
    (Pay no heed to my amateur polish application.) It was tough deciding which color to try first.
  5. Hey guys

    I have been waiting to have a tan before I used this, and have just thought I was dark enough to take it.

    It's the neon orange and it's crazy!! It is actually neon, it glows practically in the dark. I love it so much.

    I know these are hard to come by, I scored them on ebay for a reasonable price though, so I'd definitely recommend keeping your eyes peeled for them. I love the blue and green as well but they aren't quite as good as this. I didn't get the pink as I'm not into pinks.

    The photo really doesn't do it justice. It is truly neon. And I didn't layer it over white. This is three coats.

  6. 079C9B6F-61A5-4A85-B738-4BAD1065B8E8.jpeg Chanel Aracino this color for Summer
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  7. I agree.. I have Exquisite Pink too and I don't see any pink in it :smile: IMG_1353a.jpg
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  8. Sunrise Trip

    Sorry for the crappy picture but color looks great.
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  9. Chanel - Beige beige
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  10. Nice - I love this one, think I'll do it next.
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  11. Chanel - Halo (together with my traditional Sunday-trip gear - Gucci tote and a blueberry flapjack :lol:)

  12. Chanel - Nuvola Rosa (with my new Dior make up bag)
  13. Dotty, how does nuvoa rosa and halo compares? Are your photos true to live?
    which one is a richer colour and which one would you pick over the other?
    I don't think I need two pale pink colours right now :smile:
  14. Both are nice but not very similar... Halo is a sweeter and brighter pink, while Nuvola Rosa is more pastel :smile: So it really depends on your preferences - if you are looking for something soft and subtle I would recommend Nuvola Rosa, and if you are looking for something to live up your look, Halo is a better choice :smile: Also, Halo is a warmer shade compared to Nuvola Rosa.

    The colours also depend on the lighting, I believe the second pic in my post below represents Nuvola Rosa more realistically:

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  15. thank you! I ended up getting nuvola rosa but I will get halo too. I thought they will be too similar but I do prefer a brighter pink actually.
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