Chanel on your nails #4!

Oct 26, 2011
Ooh this sounds interesting .. the first in a long time to cause me to get excited.
I just can't wear the nude/pink/beige creams and have been hoping for a pearly pink [ like Flamingo ]
Does anyone know any release dates ?

I too have been underwhelmed by all the reds and the thick brushes and was also sulking because we did not get the neons in the UK :annoyed: and I really wanted the blue.

I skipped the Verts [so far anyway] but I do like Fiction which was an impulse buy. It seems more like the gloss formula to me ?

Here's hoping for a bit more variety and also complexity & ingenuity in the colours and finishes this year.
[ If not I may have to be unfaithful and give Nailberry a try]
Oh! That's crazy that they didn't the Neons in the U.K.!! Hopefully it's just a delayed release rather than no release at all.

I'm definitely picking up Aurore. Love me a good pink polish! Not enough pinks by Chanel in my opinion. Plus it's limited edition! Don't want to have to go hunting it down later haha!

I didn't get Fiction. I skipped that the get the Verts. Only so many greens I need. I'm glad that you like it [emoji5]
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Oct 26, 2011
I'm happy I picked up Aurore. I love it! Great formula too. But a little disappointed that it's not as unique as I thought it was going to be. There's a coral tone once applied on my nails that makes it so similar to other Chanel shades I have, like 549 Distraction.
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Sep 11, 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
I got Nuvola Rosa in december (have yet to wear it) and last friday I gave in and got Verde Pastello as well [emoji173]️

Am saving them for march, where I will start wearing more spring colors. Together with the new YSL Op Art Coral and two older Diorifics, which I haven’t worn yet either.


Jul 3, 2012
i collected both Bleu Trompeur and Prune Dramatique yesterday

I only tested them so far but Bleu Trompeur sits near Blue Rebel and Bel Argus in terms of depth/shade of colour and seems to be a truer blue without the shimmer or green undertones of those other polishes so a good addition. Incidentally the SA mentioned Marine was being discontinued ? I considered getting it but I have Blue Satin and Fortssimo so will pass.

Prune Dramatique is a good addition to my collection - it's a red plum shade and I have nothing similar.

I passed on Violet Piquant - Tested in store it looked like Sunrise Trip so I wanted to check. I am interested in anyone's thoughts on this through because I get really bad staining with Sunrise Trip !

Will check out Brun Contrast another day against Cavaliere.
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