Chanel on your nails #4!

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  1. Let's kick this new thread off then! :smile:
    Wearing Blue Rebel today, nice colour, not sure if I love it though... Blue Boy is my favourite of the Les Jeans trio.
  2. I agree that Blue Boy is the standout of the trio but everything looks good on you Jen!
  3. The fall collection didn't excited me one bit. I'm starting to think I'm done with Chanel :sad:
  4. Very pretty! But I agree, Blue Boy is my favourite too :smile: I don't have Blue Rebel yet. I've been thinking of buying it on numerous occasions, but something is stopping me.

    Found Tendresse yesterday afternoon at one of the counters and just couldn't help myself :biggrin:
  5. Orange Fizz

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  6. Audrey - Congratulations on Holographic!!!! Can't wait to see your pic wearing it! :woohoo:
  7. Loving the Blues on you Jen!! :smile:

    Tendresse is such a pretty, delicate colour - enjoy!!

    Also, thanks for the pic of the winter colours! I really like the look of Atmosphere & Orage :biggrin:

    Orange Fizz looks beautiful on you :smile:
    I don't have this one... Maybe I should get it!
  8. Beautiful photo! :smile: very pretty, tidy mani :love:

    Although the colour on my screen is not accurate. The photo looks almost as bright as Lilis on my iPad, but in reality it's a lot duller and more milky. It's a little more milky (one tone lighter) compared to Distraction but not as sheer as Miami Peach. I looked at it so many times, but it's just so similar to the two colours I mentioned above, I can't justify it.
  9. Hehe, I have to respectfully disagree with you Oz! ;) Orange Fizz is much less coral-y than Distraction and Miami Peach has shimmery particles and is almost jelly-like, while OF is a straight up creme. Personally, I adore Orange Fizz (heck I love all three colours mentioned LOL), I think it's a gorgeous option for spring/summer :sneaky:
    I do love orange polishes though, so I guess I'm biased :lol:
  10. Love that colour! It looks beautiful on you. :woohoo:
  11. Completely agree that you will know better as you actually have Orange Fizz :smile: I only saw some swatches and hence why I thought it was similar to the other two. I saw it a few times at the counters and was contemplating on getting it, so definitely remember it was not anywhere as bright and coral-y as it seems on Librarychickie's photo (at least on my screen as I know all screens are different). I remember it being a flat creme with no shimmer. Might get it when it's about to be discontinued (hahaha as always), but it's a pass for me at this stage :biggrin:

    On another note, for some unknown reason I bought June :sad: lol!!! Totally not my colour (too flat and dull), but I thought it was a LE, so when I saw it in the Duty Free, I grabbed it! Silly greedy me :lol: hahahahahaha
  12. All good Oz :biggrin: You have much better discipline than I do... I struggle to stop myself from getting any/allcolours!

    Yeah, June's a toughie... you need some warmth in your skin tone otherwise it looks a bit strange :sad: I'm pretty sure it is LE, but at least you have it now, and you didn't pay Australian prices :graucho:
  13. I have no self discipline lately at all :sad:... I really need to be more selective with my purchases! Btw, are the summer colours available in Aus now? Are you getting them all? :graucho:
  14. Mallard and I strongly suspect they'll be available this weekend... I already have Tutti Frutti (thank you ebay!), but I'll definitely be getting Pink Tonic, Mirabella and Sweet Lilac (I have Eastern Light already) :biggrin: What about you?

    Oh I have been so bad... I have a number of polishes coming to me, can't wait to show a certain one to you Oz :cool: (sadly it isn't Jade!).