Chanel on your nails #3

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  1. This is the only review / swatch of Coup de Coeur I have seen so far
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    I am SO happy I found this information, because my two versions of Vamp 18 have puzzled me.
    The original Vamp 18 was from 1994 and it was re-released in 2003 - but as far as I know it was never sold in Europe - am I right?
    Unfortunately the posted photos in these for me valuable posts are no longer available, so could you please take a look at my photos and confirm they are the same?
    The one sold on today is 180.116 - but for how long was the US produced 780.010, and I suppose that too was sold from, but when/how long?

    Kind polish regards from a new Danish member with a rapidly growing Chanel collection
    chanel_vamp_2vs01.jpg chanel_vamp_2vs02.jpg chanel_vamp_2vs03.jpg
  3. You may find information to this on a fabulous blog called
  4. I've been away for a while and missed so many lovely swatches! They all looks just lovely :smile:

    How does everyone like the spring colours? I bought both of them but it took me a while to try them as I still have so many untried polishes! I tried Charivari first. It definitely looks a lot darker on my nails than in the bottle. It is a very sophisticated colour, I just wish it was a tag lighter. I do like it nevertheless :smile: Tapage was my next mani. It is just gorgeous! It's a stunning bright pink-coral colour and I just can't stop looking at my nails in the sun. I saw earlier on a few girls commented that it chipped very quickly, but I've had it on for 4 days now and it's still looks great. Will probably change it to something different later on tonight. I'm thinking to try Silver.
  5. Thank you, but apparently she does not have both versions - also she removed all her information, so my own blog is actually more informative on years and collections :smile:

    So, if any one can help me with this:
    The in 2003 re-released (in a new version with shimmer) Chanel Vamp 18 sold on today is 180.116 (Made in France) - but when and if you know it - for how long was the US produced 780.010 Chanel Vamp 18 sold?

    Kind regards Maria
  6. ^^ STUNNING colors!!!
  7. I'm glad I could help with that. I don't have my original bottle anymore (my daughters appropriated it :p), but I was very surprised when I purchased a newer bottle. Btw, the shimmer that is apparent in the old bottle never translated to the nail -- it did make the creme look shinier and more opaque. The version now sold as Rouge Noir is closest to the original French release, but it no longer contains carbon black which is no longer used for cosmetics.
  8. Wearing one of my treasures, Haute Chocolat :love:
  9. Beautiful colour Jen!

    I'm wearing Silver - it's absolutely stunning, but it very hard to photograph. A very strong foil/mirror like effect. Dries almost instantly. Love it!
  10. Wow! They're both so incredibly beautiful! :loveeyes:
  11. Gorgeous!!! Look at that beautiful shimmer :biggrin:

    Beautiful!!! You have such perfect nails :smile:
    I'm hoping my OPI silver comes somewhat close... Yet to try it.

    I've been missing from here for a while - I've missed so much!!!
    I'm really looking forward to the summer colours! I'd love to have a steady hand & copy those artistic manis!

    Coup de Coeur looks like April to me. I'm not wowed by it. The summer colours aren't that new or individual either - but they seem more fun ;)
  12. *falls on floor babbling "my precious"* :lol:

    But in all serious that is gorgeous! I know you will treasure it!
  13. Thank you so much for your reply :smile:

    By the original bottle, do you mean the first Vamp 18 from 94 - close to Rouge Noir 18?

    The information I am ISO is:
    The Vamp 18 sold on today is 180.116 - but when/how long was the US produced Vamp 18 780.010 sold?

    A comparison photo:
  14. LOVE this, it's probably the only one left that I reeeaaaaally want. Looks great on you.

    This looks great on you also, you did such a good job with application, it looks perfect. I find it so hard to apply. Though I don't have the fixing base, maybe that's why. I should give it another go...
  15. Thank you :smile:

    Thank you so much LeVernis! It's far from perfect, but I've been trying to extend my nail bed over the past year or so and it seems to be happening, although it's taking forever.

    We all seem to have been missing from here for quite some time! It's time to get back into it with all the new gorgeous summer colours coming soon :graucho:

    Do you know when Coup De Coeur is being released in Australia?

    Hehehe yeap, it is quite precious! It looks a bit brighter and more foil like in real life. Quite flashy, so I don't think I'll be wearing it a lot, only for special occasions.

    Thanks Debi! :smile: I also struggled a bit with the application. It does need a fixing base. If you don't have it, try any other aqua base from other brands. Just like Holographic, it won't work well with normal base coats, only aqua bases and you also shouldn't use any top coats with it. Hope it helps!
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