Chanel on your nails #3

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  1. Love this
  2. Very pretty, Adais, this will be my next manicure. With a Provocation pedi!
  3. image-2088228968.jpg

    I like it, just not sure how to describe it. It's a lot darker than I expected, not really brown...maybe cocoa-ish? It's nice, just not "wow", ya know? Definitely a wear to the office color :smile:
  4. LOVE it !
    Looks gorgeous !
    Definitely for Autumn.
  5. I'm sorry if I'm asking a silly question that everybody already know. But here goes....
    Is this collection still avaiable for sale select stores or was it truly only for one day?
  6. Thank you...yes an autumn color for sure! :yes:
  7. comparison btw infidele and rose confidentiel
    top Infidele
    Bottom Rose Conf
    Left with artificial light right with natural light

  8. Which collection? :smile: if the Fashion Night Out, it is on
  9. Oops sorry forgot to specify. Yes the fashion night out. Is it still available is select stores too?
  10. Thank you. I phoned today, and they should be here before Friday. Finally!! :smile:

    Another gorgeous ombre! Love it!! :tup:

    So pretty!!

    I just think this colour looks so flattering on everyone I've seen it on so far! It's lovely!
  11. Looks so pretty on you! I love this colour.

    That looks so good on you! I also thought it was darker than I expected, but I still love it.
  12. Congrats on Beige! Tentation makes a wonderful pedi. & I think mani too - its stunning.

    Congrats on Flamenco! Is it available in stores?
  13. Adais and RS1972 - You're both making me wish I could try out my FNO colours but I'm having to take a manicure break at the moment. Infidèle and Délicatesse are so very perfect for autumn, they're gorgeous on you!

    In case my fellow UK people haven't heard yet, I believe that Malice (along with the rest of the Holiday 2012 Collection) will be available from 4th November over here. We'll be getting the new Rouge Allures next month.
  14. They should still be available until they sell out, I would think. :smile:
  15. ^ Between those 4, it's Pirate. But I think my favorite Chanel red is Dragon. :smile:
Thread Status:
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