Chanel on your nails #3

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  1. Guess I will be the first to post my mani.

    Here is Vertigo. It is ok. I am not as crazy about it as I was for the release.

  2. Whats making you not like it? It's still on my wishlist:graucho:
  3. It is a little flat on me, I guess. I kinda reminds me of a darker version of particuliere lol.
  4. Add some glitter on it perhaps?:biggrin:

  5. ITA, when in doubt, add glitter! :biggrin:
  6. :biggrin: oh then i'm going to love it Particuliere is my fave chanel
  7. New thread? Wow we move fast! :biggrin:

    Jimmyshoogirl, I love Vertigo on you. I can see it becoming a great winter mani, or a year round pedi. Cant wait to swatch it asap.
  8. Lol I had already said to myself that I want to add ChG Lubu heels to it since that is the type of red shimmer I was looking for.

    Yes, it really is a lovely color.

    I really think that is what the problem is for me. I will revisit in the winter time or do as a pedi because I do actually like the color.

    It was also a one coater, if applied properly.
  9. It's pretty but I do understand what you mean jimmyshoogirl. But yes I think you would like it better in the fall.
  10. It looks really nice on you! I agree with what danae said for sure! I can't wait to wear it, it will be perfection for fall! That's also amazing that it can be a one coater! :smile:

    Glitter will be awesome on it for summer though! :graucho:

  11. Thanks, ladies.

    I agree about wearing in the fall. Normally, i just where whatever color i want at the time and go from there but I truly agree that this will be a great pedi or mani for the fall. I think I am going to just remove it when I get home tonight and put it on my toes with either DL or ChG.

    I will say that I have received TONS of compliments on it already lol. One of my customers even said she was going to get it once she finishes here.
  12. Does the shimmer show up or does it "disappear"?

  13. It's definitely a hidden shimmer that might come out to play if you stumble into some great lighting that hits it just right. But if you just think of it as a cream, it's actually quite a pretty vampy color.
  14. Ditto on the year round pedi idea. Although now that I think about it I've never worn Chanel on my toes. I wonder how long the wear time would be
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