Chanel on your nails #2

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  1. Awe your DD's polished toesies are adorable.
  2. Wow! A man in a lil brown suit driving a lil brown truck just knocked on my door...I received my Graphite a day early:yahoo: I will have to say officially that Graphite is my favorite Chanel polish of all time. I swatched my pinkie and can't stop staring at it:love: Trying to remember how upload pics from a Macbook Pro:sad:
  3. Tee Hee...Hi gga! It definitely has been too long!

    I'm adding a few shots to Knasarae's great set of Peridot pix...trying to get my camera to capture the true bronze effect vs true green effect of Peridot. Here's the best my camera can do, but I still don't think it got it perfect.



  4. Got my polishes today! Didn't get Peridot but the pictures are making me think I should have! :sneaky: Graphite and Quartz are gorgeous! And I got the Gondola I've been lemming for a while.
  5. I think you did pretty good frenchie!! I am dying each day I don't have this :lol:
  6. deedee and lulu - thanks so much :smile:
    frenchie - that's so, so pretty. They are still not available where I live and it's sooo annoying.

    Knasarae you did an amazing job photographing Peridot. I tried to take some pics of it last night and they kept turning out brown and nothing like what the color looked like to my eyes with all the green and blue tones in it. I don't know how Chanel made this color, but they blew my mind.
  8. Thanks so much for all the comments on my collection/pictures :smile:

    You all seriously have to stop teasing me with the Fall collection :sad:
    Haha, it honestly looks amazing on everyone!
    Frenchie, that first picture of Peridot is especially gorgeous!
  9. Deedee- you just made me LOL. I got graphite today too! I wanna see pics:graucho:
    :faint: I am so glad I didn't pass on peridot! I preorder through NM and will have them tomorrow. I ordered a back up bottle of graphite, but maybe I should have got 2 peridot too
  10. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :love:
  11. That duo shot is adorable! And I really like the mani colors too!

    YUM, I like that icecream ;)

    Cute pics. The Khaki looks great on you and there is NO overload! LOVE!

    Yes, please!

    The pics where it looks more green like this one make me drool! I LOVE that green!!! BEAUTIFUL pics!
  12. Thanks for swatches LLM and Graphite for me. I think they're different enough for me to justify getting both. I'm sure you know that I'm not a green gal so the jury's still out on Peridot for me. I love it others but I'll swatch it with an open mind.

    I think that you can skip Graphite if you have both. I just love it in swatches but I have to see it in person before I blow my Nordies Note on it!

    Lovely pedi colors and gorgeous mani! I'm a huge sucker for blues. I hope that you used base coat for the YSL. A Nordies SA swatched it on me and it stained my nail. It was so pretty but ugh on the staining!

    Congrats on your haul and nice swatches T!!!!

    Amazing collection and I love your necklace!

    Peridot looks lovely on you. The chameleon quality is so cool. I'm not into green at all but I'll swatch it with an open mind.
  13. ^ THANK YOU for talking me down on this! I really needed a reality check. Sometimes I get can get caught up in all the frenzy. :biggrin: I can wait to see this IRL before clicking on "buy".
  14. ^ This sounds beautiful, I will need to check this one out! Do you happen to have the name of it? Or is this from the new fall collection too?

    ^ Hmmm... now when you put it that, I might be able to wear Peridot. :thinking: Okay, I really need to see & swatch this collection in person.
  15. Glad I could help. :smile:

    I totally hear you. I love Peridot on others but IDK if I'll like it on myself because I loathe green on me. I do own some green polishes but they're few and far between. I'm going to swatch it on myself before I decide.
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