Chanel on your nails #2

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  1. ^^ Just absolutely stunning!!!!
  2. omg knas, :love: such a beauty!!!! I'm glad to see there are hints of blue in that duochrome as well!!! Can't wait to get this one myself!!!
  3. Thanks for the welcomes!

    Great pix, knasarae - your index finger in the second picture hits the "green" spot on! I love this color!!! :nuts:
  4. Gorgeous! It's like a Chameleon.
  5. So pretty on you! I want a couple days of fall to wear BP! I just cannot "do" dark colors in summer on me.

    Thanx so much for all of your swatches! And then I saw the ones of your nails and I am in awe...Peridot looks beyond ridiculous (in the best way) on you!!!
  6. I KNOW!!! This happens to me ALL THE TIME with Nordies, especially with polishes. :cursing: Dior Purple Mix came up THREE times over the last few months and all three times my order was cancelled. Strong came up last week so I ordered it and it got cancelled. Then for some odd reason Nouvelle Vague popped up too - I was sure it actually wasn't available but hey, it added to my cart! Then next day, cancelled. I really like Nordies but ordering some of the polishes is very frustrating - they don't seem to have a very good handle on what polishes are in stock! :pout:

  7. Wow - I wasn't really a fan but that is pretty cool! It almost looks like a duochrome!

  8. DD with Vendetta on her toes and me with Khaki Vert
    Also, even though it's not Chanel: Mani with YSL Turquoise Utopique and MAC Ocean Dip. I hope it's okay to post this in the Chanel NP subforum.:smile:
    IMG_2353.jpg IMG_2356.jpg
  9. I got some icecream, I got some icecream....


    First of all - OH EM GEE! These are the most beautiful Chanel colors I have ever seen, and they are each totally unique - the finish on them is just amazing. I'd honestly be really surprised if anyone finds an exact dupe for any of them. Even Quartz, which I had my doubts about, is stunning - that shimmery silver overlay is so beautiful and perfectly executed. I honestly can't say enough great things about this collection. L-O-Effing-V-E!

    (Also got Rouge Shine in Monte Carlo)

    So here's a quick and totally craptastic swatch:


    (L-R) Peridot, Graphite, Quartz

    I think I'm going to go all the way Rainman on this collection and definitely order backups.
  10. This is seriously gorgeous on you.

    How freakin' amazing is this color?

    It's the first one I'm wearing too.
  11. Knas, I think peridot was made for you - stunning!!!!!
  12. Dior Nirvana was in my order and that one hasn't been canceled yet! Fingers crossed that I get it!
  13. Thanks ladies!! It's exceeded all my expectations. I just hope it wears well. I think I'll put it on my toes tomorrow!
  14. ^ DL Pump Up the Jam is exactly the same color as Strong. So if it's the color you love, not to worry since Pump Up the Jam is available. :smile: I did a comparison on the DL thread, post#235 if you want to see.
  15. Thanks OMG!! :biggrin:

    Thank you Beenie!! I love my dark colors...even in the summer!! :graucho:

    I am dying a thousand deaths looking at your pics knasarae!!!! :woot:
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