chanel on the way?

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  1. ok so i just bought my first chanel!! :yahoo:

    well, im from texas, and i called the Chanel in Boca Raton, and the SA there found me the lux bowler i wanted (hopefully its the one im thinking of, cuz i had to describe it to her). She found one in Pittsburg and is having it mailed to me. Im just kinda hesitant about it getting delivered to my house cuz no one is home during the day. Do you guys know if they insure shipping, or if they have someone sign for it before they deliver? If I call the Saks in Pittsburgh do u think they'll be able to give me a tracking number?

    im so excited, i dont think i can wait!! :wlae:
  2. Why don't you have it delivered to your office, husbands office, parents' etc., if you have doubts about home delivery, otherwise, you can request signature confirmation at delivery., and insurance.
  3. well unfortunately, theyve already sent it and the SA wasnt very helpful when i asked her about shipping methods, etc
  4. You can call Saks in Pittsburg - the main number (look on their website) - and they will give you a tracking number. The operators can track packages right there on the phone!

    Congrats on the Bowler!
  5. thanks!! i did that, and its on its way!!
  6. Congratulatons! What color did you get?
  7. i got the medium black deerskin..ill post pics as soon as it comes in!
  8. congrats!!!! post pictures! :smile:
  9. oh you're SO lucky!!! congrats on the find!!! be sure to post up pics - so i can DROOL!!! congrats!
  10. I love this bag. I want it in black also.

  11. Hmm, it will be interesting to see if you got the deerskin or the metallic goatskin. Some s/a's don't know the difference. A PF member was trying desparately to find the deerskin at Saks about a week ago and they had nothing left in stock in any stores.
  12. Congrats ...pix please ;)
  13. Pictures...
  14. ok, here are the pics! :graucho: its GORGEOUS and the weather is DIVINE!! but now im wondering if it might be too big for me? im fairly petite, 5'3'' so i dunno if it works. i love the size of it but i dunno if it works for me...
    purse 001.jpg purse 004.jpg 612e650f7a81.jpg
  15. Congratulation. The luxe line is so fabulous especially the metallic one. You wear it nicely! I purchased the same bowler too but it did not work out on me. I'm 5'4 & I think this bag was a big too wide for me (personally). So I returned. I just re ordered a luxe flap last week. It's on the way.

    Good luck with your decision.