Chanel on the Real World?

  1. Does anyone know where I can find a picture of Svetlana from the Real World w/her Chanel pink bowling (at least I think that's what it was):yes: I tried the official site but can't find anything. My sis wanted the pink bowling because she said this was the bag Svetlana had, and I think so too. Of course she changed her mind so it's mine now to do what I want with. Just wanted to check out a picture of her with it if anyone has it?
  2. I think I saw her with the big tote!
  3. Hmm, which one is that? Not the bowler but the other size? She probably has two lol.
  4. I remember Jenelle (sp?) having the large tote, but Svetlana has the pink bowling. I have no idea where you could find a picture though, sorry!
  5. Thanks doublec for confirming Svetlana had the pink bowling, that's helpful!
  6. Yes She Had The Bowling.....After The First Episode (Or Maybe During The 2nd Half Of That Episode) ~ It Looked As Though They Tried To Block The Bag Out. Who Knows??? .....It Would Probably Be Hard To Find "An Official" Photo If They Didn't Want To Film It.....Did You Google Her?