Chanel on the OC

  1. oooh that's hot I can't really make it out.
  2. this has been asked before, and to me it looks like nicole richies tote, but a N/S version....
  3. do you know if chanel still sells this style?
  4. I read somewhere that it's vintage?
  5. I'm pretty sure it's vintage, if not it's definitely a past season.
  6. omg! i saw that in a consignment store just two days ago!

    It's def. vintage because the original price was marked 12k HKD and it's now selling for a little under 3k HKD! I was thinking of buying it (because it's Chanel and because it's soo cheap) but the metal ware was a bit scratched up. I'm still thinking of it....
  7. It's a great price and vintage is so in. :yes:
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