chanel on super sweet sixteen

  1. hey do you guys watch my super sweet sixteen? I'm not that familiar with all the styles/models, but I was wondering if you guys knew what bag bjorn had was. I think it was a white/black backpack. And if you could post picutres. Thanks in advance if anyone knows.
  2. hmm I kinda remember. Though I was COMPLETELY addicted to My Super Sweet 16 and cant wait till next season comes out!! yay.
  3. it was a cambon backpack from the homme collection..i never knew about it, so sorry!

  4. I loved that bag. I know i want it too. I have never seen it before.
  5. I accidently turned it on during a marathon of them back to back one day...the one that stood out was the episode with the two Indian girls. They were so obnoxious. I couldn't believe they were actually talking to people and treating people that way. That show definitely shows sometimes how money does not equal class. Maybe it is an old money vs. new money thing. Most of the uber rich female law classmates of mine were really sweet people, unaffected by their families wealth, didn't really flaunt it, treated everyone with respect and many went into lower paying legal jobs where they could help people. I know especially parents who grew up poor and then become "new money" want to give their kids the best of everything but there is something to be said for raising them right and not having them grow up with a sense of entitlement and being better than others. The "old money" families seem to be better at raising kids with the right balance.
  6. There was an episode last season where a girl said she loved expensive handbags, and every one of her LV's were fake. She had a MC speedy with red LV's and a MC Papillon, which we all know doesn't exist. That show cracks me up how self centered these kids are.