Chanel on sale- Peggy from Nordstrom List.

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  1. Hi girls.

    I don't know if you all already know about Peggy a SA from the Seattle Nordies- but she has a mailing list with designer bags on sale at her store.

    Her newest list included some Chanel- so I thought I'd share. If this has been posted already, please forgive me as I hang out in MJ not over here usually.

    you can reach her at 206-628-1253...Good luck :tup:
  2. I can forward the rest of the list, if anyone would like it also. Just PM me with your email address!
  3. I called Peggy and the 2.55 already SOLD :sad:
  4. oh sorry!
  5. I don't know how to PM but can you forward me the list please xxxxxxxx thanks!!
  6. thanks for sharing!!
  7. wow those are some BIG discounts... if only I had an income
  8. I would've love the 2.55 Gold too. *sigh*
  9. Sale item posts are ALWAYS welcomed! :goodpost:
  10. Thanks for the posting....
  11. your welcome.... and due to the crazy response (and the fact that i can't send out another 100 emails, you ladies are sale hunters!!!) please just call peggy if you're interested in hearing about the rest of her sales. i'm not affliated with her- just on her mailing list. thanks!
  12. Oh~ Thanks so much for the post!! That umbrella is SO COOL!!!! It even has a case~ :heart:
  13. Peggy sends these lists to Nordstrom preferred customers so they can have first choice of sale bags before they are placed on the sales floor for the general public to buy. I have had the discussion with Peggy that no sooner does the email go out, someone posts it on the forum (which is the general public versus their loyal customers). This is unfair to the distribution list of preferred customers who may not see the email right away due to work or family circumstances, and thus miss out.

    If someone has an interest in joining the distribution list by all means let Peggy know, but I think in the future Nordstrom may refrain from allowing this information to be posted to the general public before their preferred customers get a chance to respond.
  14. ^WOW.ROEY!I didnt know u worked for Nordstroms???
  15. I don't, but I do happen to be very friendly with the manager of the boutique and the buyer for Chanel at the Seattle store who share information with me. Nothing wrong with that is there Jill?