chanel on sale NM

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  1. Neimans In Las Vegas has a few chanel bags for sale...Please call and ask for Veena in handbags. 702-731-3636 she probably wont be in today for another 30mins ( at 11am las vegas/pacific time)..but she has a stash of chanel and other designer bags for her clients only..(stams,muses,paddington,pelham,balenciaga etc)

    good luck
  2. I spoke to Veena and she was kind enough to send me pics to my cell phone. Call her if you are interested.

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  3. What kind of Chanel bags are in sale?
  4. Cute YSL bag, wonder how much it is..... Thanks for the post and pics!
  5. It is a Rive Gauche. Call Veena for price & details.
  6. The gucci & chanel bags are cute!
  7. i like the chanel purse too