Chanel? on Rock of Love with Bret Michaels

  1. Today on the Rock of Love show with Bret Michaels, the 3 girls left had their parents there. Lacey's step mom, Karen, had what looked like a Chanel GST. (I don't know if it's real or fake but apparently Lacey's dad claims to be a rich man lol)

    Sorry if this was posted before.
  2. I totally saw that!! haha I think she also had a little lv clutch the next day!!
  3. ha = thats funny.
    bringing some class to a "less than classy show"
  4. lacy's stepmom is definitely in that family for the money- she doesn not fit in with the rest of them... i love that show, by the way! jess is the best.
  5. Totally agree with u on Jess! I can't stand Lacy and her Dad.:tdown:
  6. I saw that too, that step mom does not fit with that family at all. I hope her bag was real.

    And what about that ugly bag Lacey carries, it looks like a purse for a little kid. I hope he picks Jes.
  7. nothing is worse then lacy walking in heels.
    UGH. she hobbles then her arms are sort of out like she's walking on a trapeze
  8. Ok, this comment has nothing to do with the bags, but I laughed so hard when Jess was imitating Lacey crying by pulling down her eyelids a few episodes ago. Jess definitely seems like the only datable one. BTW, so gorgeous when her hair was down.
  9. Go to the television forum where there is a huge Rock Of Love thread....go Heather!!