Chanel on Martha

  1. Is anyone watching Martha today? She's doing a segment on Chanel and it's founder right now.
  2. Is it the episode w/ Bryant Gumbel?? Cuz Martha doesn't come on here in CA til 10am and I want to record it if it is the same one w/ the CHANEL segment..


    EDIT: LOL, nevermind! I just went to Marthas site and yep, it is the same episode w/ Chanel segment!! YAY!! Thx for the head's up!
  3. Yes it's that one! :yes:
  4. Thanks for the heads up - heading to DVR right now!!
  5. Thank you, elongreach. I wouldn't have watched it, if you hadn't told us it was on.

    Did anyone find it amusing that they used sub-titles when Lagerfeld was talking? He speaks extremely quickly, but he's not that hard to understand! :lol:

    How do those models not sweat, as Martha was saying? It was so hot in there!
  6. awww man! Martha drives me a little batty but I could've tolerated her for this!
  7. Yea, I don't watch too much Martha. Especially since I had to sit through an interview and cooking session with Bryan Gumbel to get to it. :yucky:
  8. ditto:yucky:
    he' so weird isn't he? Ackward-ish{?}
    I HAVE to get TiVO!!!!!
  9. He looks sick. He has lost sooo much weight.
  10. What did you think of Chanel's apartment?
  11. It was absolutely incredible. To think she came up with so many ideas in that apartment. They probably have it guarded around the clock.