Chanel on line??

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  1. Im sure this is posted somewhere...if so please close thread..(sorry of the hassle)
    I am looking for a brown Chanel tote...from the 06 fall it possible to purchase on line??? Thanks ladies!
  2. No, but you can call Chanel and buy it over the phone.
  3. No, you cannot buy chanel online
  4. okay...I will just call...thanks again!
  5. i wish if they would offer chanel bags online!
  6. I found the bag...I called and there was one on hold for someone that does not want it....MINE!!! MINE!!! My first Chanel!!!
  7. Good job. I knew you would find it. Enjoy and post pics!
  8. OOOOH!:yahoo:

    You're hereby obligated to post photos of this bag for us to drool over.

    Do you promise? :shocked:

    That's the prerequisite for playing in this Forum.

  9. You know I will Swanky...I post every bag I get on the PF!!! Should be here by Monday!!!
  10. Alrighty then! You're IN! LMBO!

    Can't wait to see pics!