Chanel on right now!

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  1. is selling vintage and classic Chanel bags right now.

    Most of the bags are already reserved but I thought people here might be interested.

    I'm also wondering how they can do this since Chanel really shouldn't be available online (except for re-sellers)? I wonder where they obtained their inventory and if it's completely legitimate and authentic.
  2. Well they are clearly reselling. They are vintage (read: old) bags. I'm sure it's fine that it's online..

    Also, gilts prices are more expensive than you can get in the regular reselling industry so I keep away.
  3. Just be careful and get it authenticated. I remember reading on tpf that Gilt had sold fakes and there was quite an issue getting a refund and such.
  4. Oh wow that's pretty upsetting about what's happened with gilt purchases in the past. Upon closer look, like the previous poster pointed out, most of the bags are being offered at a premium price. Even the prices for current bags are shockingly more than what you would pay at a Chanel store or department store without the purchase protection and guaranteed authenticity that comes from shopping there. Looks like Gilt received plenty of interest though- I think almost every bag has been reserved/purchased already.
  5. That's a bit scary. I would never pay premium without any guarantee of authenticity, but that's just me. :shrugs: