Chanel of Tiffany & Co. Necklace? HELP ME DECIDE!

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  1. which would be better for a 13 year old girl. I'm getting her one of them for Christmas. Like what is a good starter piece for collecting designer jewlery.

    here are the choices:

    Tiffany & Co.
    Tiffany & Co. | Item | Return to Tiffanyâ„¢ heart lock charm. On a 16" chain. | United States heart lock charm $165

    Tiffany & Co. | Item | Return to Tiffanyâ„¢ heart tag pendant, small. Sterling silver | United States heart tag $100


    I got this pic off the internet because I can't find any when I searched for them but those are 2 necklaces that are my choices.

    155.00 - Logo with Rhinstones around the size of a dime. (on left)
    160.00 - Solid black or white CC logo around the size of a quarter. (on right) also..which is better the black or white?
  2. Either Tiffany piece is best IMO.
    Chanel is too over the top for a girl that age IMO and also, it'll be costume jewelry, I'd rather buy my DD sterling, it's more durable.

    *this coming frmo a die-hard Chanel buyer
  3. i'd go with tiffany's as well.....i think the first necklace would be very cute on a 13 year old.....i agree with swanky that chanel may be a little over the top at that age :yes:
  4. I teach 8th grade, and there's a little girl in my class who wears Chanel earrings all the time. I have complimented her on them, and she doesn't really seem to care or respond. It's like she doesn't see the value.

    My vote is for Tiffany's, because it will be a keepsake for a long time and it's more wearable for a girl her age than the Chanel. Good luck!
  5. i agree, the tiffanys is a brilliant idea! i wanted one of those but UK doesnt give you the engrave option and its more expensive over here :S just a little but with xmas coming up i cant afford to be buying myself gifts
  6. I think the first one is precious and just right for a girl/woman of any age!
  7. Tiffany for the 13 year old, and Chanel for me. :nuts:

  8. I like the first Tiffany's necklace and think it would look cute on a 13 year old. Chanel might be a little "old."
  9. agree Tiffany for the little girl..and I would love the Chanel myself.LOL
  10. definantely not the chanel, its a little too much for a 13 year old girl! Even though I bet she would LOVE it, I would think its a little over the top. I love the tiffanys #2 necklace for her, its very cute!! goodluck choosing
  11. I think the Tiffany necklaces are more suited for a thirteen-year-old. I, personally, like the first one the best.
  12. Well, I'm a Tiffany's girl--so I'm biased:smile: Even with said stated preferrence, I'm going with the Tiffany's. Those little silver charms are so cute. I like the first one for your DD. I like the lock and I remember having a little lock charm from my Mom (NOT T & Co tho) years ago.
  13. the tiffany heart lock charm is cute
  14. Chanel is costume jewelry.... Although I see way too many teens with the Tiffany's pieces....
  15. I agree with everyone here. Tiffany would be perfect for a 13 year old girl! Chanel, not so much. Of the 2 Tiffany necklaces you posted, I like the 2nd one. It's more delicate.