chanel nylon

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  1. i remember that chanel had a collection of cute nylon bags that came in either black or white for their winter ski collection, and i was wondering if anybody had seen these bags in their local stores or if they're no longer available.......
  2. I know they always have a collection of cloth bags around. I forget if they're canvas or nylon, but they're significantly cheaper than other bags in the store. I don't think I've gone into Chanel and not seen them!
  3. the collection i'm talking about had this bag


    which was much cuter in person (looks kinda off in the photo)
  4. Ooooo! Different than what I'm talking about. Cute bag! Maybe a Chanel store still has one lying around? Or call the outlet in Woodbury?
  5. Very cute bag! I never would have thought!
  6. What a beautiful Chanel!
  7. Oooooh, pretty!!!
  8. That is a beautiful one! I would hate to get it dirty though :lol:
  9. oohh.. wat's the price range of the chanel nylon bags? I'm looking for a black non-leather tote ...any idea?
  10. it's actually a teeny tiny bag and the nylon's pretty stain resistant...i remember it was $995 but i didn't have the money at the time....whereas now i do but of course i can't find it :worried:......i'm gonna head to chanel maybe this weekend (if it ever stops snowing) and see if they can't dig one up for me somewhere
  11. JC- I think I saw that bag at Neimans...
  12. ooooh.....short hills?......that's where i originally saw it and i haven't been back.......
  13. ah, don't they do other bags in nylon?
  14. they do but i have my heart set on this the brushed metal look and the little details on the side and just everything about it........
  15. Actually....there is another nylon tote version in a neimans mag I got in the mail yesterday...Pg 55 Catalogue # ACso6