Chanel Nylon/Microfiber bags

May 23, 2006
Does anyone own Chanel nylon bags? Someone called it the Travel collection. It's nylon/microfiber collection with CC logos. Anyone know what bags it comes in and colors and if any Chanel boutiques/department stores still carry them?


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Jan 2, 2007
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I am a truly fan of Chanel Travel line bag. They came in many styles and colors. Normally, I saw tote most often. They have vary color due to the season. Lately I saw it in Silver. Black is permanent and every Chanel boutique in London have them in stock. You can ask for it if it is not available on the display.


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Sep 7, 2006
I have a micro fiber tote bag.. The last time they actually put out something new was I think 2005- for the line that I have- someone correct me if I am wrong. I know they have some of the agenda's in this material at the Chanel outlet in Woodbury- well they had them a week ago..
They have the logo cc all over in like a criss cross pattern is another line of the nylon fabric- have not seen them with a new collection as well..
Swanky- this is not part of the paris blitz
hope this helps


Apr 16, 2007
I have the black tote from the travel ligne. The line is still around. I saw one tote at Saks NYC last Friday. Bloomies on 59th street still have different styles of the ligne in black/white combo and brown. I liked it the instant I saw it because it fit my needs at the time (light, polished looking, and holds a few folders as I was still a student at the time). There has been a price increase since then by about $200 (I bought mine last year in March?).
So far I've seen the following styles:
- tote
- limited edition silver tote (smaller than the original tote)
- bowler
- briefcase
- flap purse
- messenger (strap can be lengthened enough to go across the body)
hope this helps! and good luck! :smile:
Jun 3, 2006
i saw the silver tote, thought it looked great but i ended up buying the petit shopper. Definitely, a great nappy bag.

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Jun 7, 2006
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I saw the Travel line at Venice's Chanel store. There was for sure black, beige and pink. There was the tote (not sure but maybe in two sizes) and a bowler.
I tried them and the tote is very light and ok for rain but... it was 800 euro if I don't remember wrong, so I tought the mini flap was better. The mini flap costed 930 euro but it's caviar with the golden chains, the tote is made of nylon. You can have a great Prada nylon for a lot less and put the difference in a found to buy a new bag! ;)
I mean, the Prada Nylon is about 300/400 euro, not more. You can save about 400 and it's a great starting for a new bag/accessory.
At least this is my poin of view. Anyway I think it's cute!

p.s. I'm curious about the flap bag? Anyone could describe or post a photo?


Jan 18, 2006
I have the pink one that is practically brand new on sale in the market place if anyone is interested!!!